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Journal of Research Volume 110

Journal of Research of NIST

The Journal of Research of NIST reports NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 110

ISSN: 1044-677X

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 January-February 2005

Front Cover–Title Page–Contents.

Details of the 1998 Watt Balance Experiment Determining the Planck Constant , p. 1
Richard Steiner, David Newell, and Edwin Williams

Re-Analysis of the Uncertainty of the 0.895 µm Diameter (NIST SRM® 1690) and the 0.269 µm Diameter (NIST SRM® 1691) Sphere Standards , p. 27
G. W. Mullholland

Slip Correction Measurements of Certified PSL Nanoparticles Using a Nanometer Differential Mobility Analyzer (Nano-DMA) for Knudsen Number From 0.5 to 83 , p. 31
Jung Hyeun Kim, George W. Mulholland, Scott R. Kukuck, and David Y. H. Pui

Measurement of Workability of Fresh Concrete Using a Mixing Truck , p. 55
Sofiane Amziane, Chiara F. Ferraris, and Eric P. Koehler

A Survey of Tables of Probability Distributions , p. 67
Raghu Kacker and Ingram Olkin

Issue 2 March-April 2005

The GOES Time Code Service, 1974-2004: A Retrospective , p. 79
Michael A. Lombardi and D. Wayne Hanson

A Summary of Heat-Flux Sensor Calibration Data , p. 97
A. V. Murthy, G. T. Fraser, and D. P. DeWitt

Quantitating Fluorescence Intensity From Fluorophore: Assignment of MESF Values , p. 101
A. K. Gaigalas, Lili Wang, Abe Schwartz, Gerald E. Marti, and Robert F. Vogt

Ba(OH)2 Equilibria in the System Ba-O-H-F, With Application to the Formation of Ba2YCu3OO6.5+x From BaF2-Precursors , p. 115
L. P. Cook, W. Wong-Ng, and R. Feenstra

Hamiltonian Paths Through Two- and Three-Dimensional Grids , p. 127
William F. Mitchell

Issue 3 May-June 2005

Front Cover—Title Page—Preface—Program—Photograph of Attendees—Conference Summary—Contents

The Fundamental Neutron Physics Facilities at NIST , p. 137
J. S. Nico, M. Arif, M. S. Dewey, T. R. Gentile, D. M. Gilliam, P. R. Huffman, D. L. Jacobson, and A. K. Thompson

New Pulsed Cold Neutron Beam Line for Fundamental Nuclear Physics at LANSCE , p. 145
P.-N. Seo, J. D. Bowman, M. Gericke, R. C. Gillis, G. L. Greene, M. B. Leuschner, J. Long, R. Mahurin, G. S. Mitchell, S. I. Penttila, G. Peralta, E. I. Sharapov, and W. S. Wilburn

The Fundamental Neutron Physics Beamline at the Spallation Neutron Source , p. 149
Geoffrey Greene, Vince Cianciolo, Paul Koehler, Richard Allen, William Michael Snow, Paul Huffman, Chris Gould, David Bowman, Martin Cooper, and John Doyle

LENS: A New Pulsed Neutron Source for Research and Education , p. 153
M. Leuschner, D. V. Baxter, J. M. Cameron, V. Derenchuk, C. Lavelle, A. Lone, H. Nann, T. Rinckel, and W. M. Snow

Simulation of the Performance of a Fundamental Neutron Physics Beamline at the High Flux Isotope Reactor , p. 157
Rob Mahurin, Geoffrey Greene, Paul Kohler, and Vince Cianciolo

Beamline Performance Simulations for the Fundamental Neutron Physics Beamline at the Spallation Neutron Source , p. 161
P. R. Huffman, G. L. Greene, R. R. Allen, V. Cianciolo, R. R. Huerto, P. Koehler, D. Desai, R. Mahurin, A. Yue, G. R. Palmquist, and W. M. Snow

Search for a Neutron Electric Dipole Moment , p. 169
R. Golub and P. R. Huffman

Magnetic Field Stabilization for Magnetically Shielded Volumes by External Field Coils , p. 173
T. Brys, S. Czekaj, M. Daum, P. Fierlinger, D. George, R. Henneck, Z. Hochman, M. Kasprzak, K. Kohlik, K. Kirch, M. Kuzniak, G. Kuehne, A. Pichlmaier, A. Siodmok, A. Szelc, and L. Tanner

Design and Performance of Laser-Pumped Cs-Magnetometers for the Planned UCN EDM Experiment at PSI , p. 179
S. Groeger, G. Bison, and A. Weis

Superconducting UCN Polarizer for a New EDM Spectrometer , p. 185
A. Serebrov, M. Lasakov, A. Fomin, P. Geltenbort, A. Murashkin, I. Kranoshekova, Yu. Rudnev, and A. Vasiliev

Neutron Measurements and the Weak Nucleon-Nucleon Interaction , p. 189
W. M. Snow

Measurement of Parity Violation in np Capture: the NPDGamma Experiment , p. 195
Shelley A. Page, J. D. Bowman, R. D. Carlini, T. Case, T. E. Chupp, K. P. Coulter, M. Dabaghyan, D. Desai, S. J. Freedman, T. R. Gentile, M. T. Gericke, R. C. Gillis, G. L. Greene, F. W. Hersman, T. Ino, S. Ishimoto, G. L. Jones, B. Lauss, M. B. Leuschner. B. Losowski, R. Mahurin, Y. Masuda, G. S. Mitchell, H. Nann, S. I. Penttila, W. D. Ramsay, S. Santra, P.-N. Seo, E. I. Sharapov, T. B. Smith, W. M. Snow, W. S. Wilburn, V. Yuan, and H. Zhu

Measurement of the Parity-Violating Neutron Spin Rotation in 4He , p. 205
C. D. Bass, J. M. Dawkins, D. Luo, A. Micherdzinska, M. Sarsour, W. M. Snow, H. P. Mumm, J. S. Nico, P. R. Huffman, D. M. Markoff, B. R. Heckel, and H. E. Swanson

Parity-Violating Neutron Spin Rotation in a Liquid Parahydrogen Target , p. 209
Diane M. Markoff

Commissioning of the NPDGamma Detector Array: Counting Statistics in Current Mode Operation and Parity Violation in the Capture of Cold Neutrons on B4C and 27Al , p. 215
M. T. Gericke, J. D. Bowman, R. D. Carlini, T. E. Chupp, K. P. Coulter, M. Dabaghyan, D. Desai, S. J. Freedman, T. R. Gentile, R. C. Gillis, G. L. Greene, F. W. Hersman, T. Ino, S. Ishimoto, G. L. Jones, B. Lauss, M. B. Leuschner, B. Losowski, R. Mahurin, Y. Masuda, G. S. Mitchell, S. Muto, H. Nann, S. A. Page, S. I. Penttila, W. D. Ramsay, S. Santra, P.-N. Seo, E. I. Sharapov, T. B. Smith, W. M. Snow, W. S. Wilburn, V. Yuan, and H. Zhu

A Gamma Polarimeter for Neutron Polarization Measurement in a Liquid Deuterium Target for Parity Violation in Polarized Neutron Capture on Deuterium , p. 221
A. Komives, A. K. Sint, M. Bowers, and M. Snow

Direct nn-Scattering Measurement With the Pulsed Reactor YAGUAR , p. 225
G. E. Mitchell , W. I. Furman, E. V. Lychagin, A. Yu. Muzichka, G V. Nekhaev, A. V. Strelkov, E. I. Sharapov, V. N. Shvetsov, Yu. I. Chernuhin, B. G Levakov, V. I. Litvin, A. E. Lyzhin, E. P. Magda, B. E. Crawford, S. L. Stephenson, C. R. Howell, and W. Tornow

SUSANS With Polarized Neutrons , p. 231
Apoorva G. Wagh, Veer Chand Rakhecha, Makus Strobl, and Wolfgang Treimer

High-Precision Determination of the Neutron Coherent Scattering Length , p. 237
Apoorva G. Wagh and Sohrab Abbas

Measurement of the Coherent Neutron Scattering Length of 3He , p. 241
W. Ketter , G. Badurek, M. Baron, W. Heil, R. Loidl, and H. Rauch

Observation on the Visibility Decrease in a VCN Spin Resonator Interferometry , p. 245
M. Utsuro, M. Hino, P. Geltenbort, and J. Butterworth

Spatial Non-Cyclic Geometric Phase in Neutron Interferometry , p. 251
Stefan Filipp, Yuji Hasegawa, Rudolf Loidl, and Helmut Rauch

Virtual Excitation and Multiple Scattering Correction Terms to the Neutron Index of Refraction for Hydrogen , p. 259
K. Schoen, W. M. Snow, H. Kaiser, and S. A. Werner

Investigation of the Neutron Quantum States in the Earth's Gravitational Field , p. 263
V. V. Nesvizhevsky, A. K. Petukhov, H. G. Börner, T. A. Baranova, A. M. Gagarski, G. A. Petrov, K. V. Protasov, A. Yu. Voronin, S. Baeßler, H. Abele, A. Westphal, and L. Lucovac

Constraints on Non-Newtonian Gravity From the Experiment on Neutron Quantum States in the Earth's Gravitational Field , p. 269
V. V. Nesvizhevsky and K. V. Protasov

UCN Production With a Single Crystal of Ortho-Deuterium , p. 273
M. Utsuro, M. Tanaka, K. Mishima, Y. Nagai, T. Shima, Y. Fukuda, T. Kohmoto, T. Momose, A. Moriai, K. Okumura, and H. Yoshino

Measurement of the Loss and Depolarization Probability of UCN on Beryllium and Diamond Like Carbon Films , p. 279
Tomas Brys, Manfred Daum, Peter Fierlinger, Peter Geltenbort, Mukul Gupta, Reinhold Henneck, Stefan Heule, Klaus Kirch, Mikhail Lasakov, Russel Mammei, Mark Makela, Axel Pichlmaier, Anatoli Serebrov, Ulrich Straumann, Robert B. Vogelaar, Cedric Wermelinger, and Albert Young

First Tests of 6Li Doped Glass Scintillators for Ultracold Neutron Detection , p. 283
G. Ban, X. Fléchard, M. Labalme, T. Lefort, E. Liénard, O. Naviliat-Cuncic, P. Fierlinger and K. Kirch, K. Bodek, and P. Geltenbort

A Silicon UCN Detector With Large Area and With Analysis of UCN Polarization , p. 289
M. Lasakov, A. Serebrov, A. Khusainov, A. Pustovoit, Yu. Borisov, and A. Fomin, P. Geltenbort, O. Kon'kov, I. Kotina, A. Shablii, V. Solovei, and A. Vasiliev

3He Spin Filter for Neutrons , p. 293
M. Batz, S. Baeßler, W. Heil, E. W. Otten, D. Rudersdorf, J. Schmiedeskamp, Y. Sobolev, and M. Wolf

Polarized 3He Spin Filters for Slow Neutron Physics , p. 299
T. R. Gentile, W. C. Chen, G. L. Jones, E. Babcock, and T. G. Walker

A New Method for Precision Cold Neutron Polarimetry Using a 3He Spin Filter , p. 305
F. E. Wietfeldt and T. R. Gentile

Precision Neutron Polarimetry for Neutron Beta Decay , p. 309
S. I. Penttila and J. D. Bowman

Issue 4 July-August 2005

Front Cover–Title Page–Preface–Program–List of Registrants–Photograph of Attendees–Contents

Radiative Corrections for Neutron Decay and Search for New Physics , p. 315
V. Gudkov, K. Kubodera, and F. Myhrer

Standard Model Treatment of the Radiative Corrections to Neutron ß-Decay , p. 319
G. G. Bunatian

Measurement of the Neutron Lifetime By Counting Trapped Protons , p. 327
F. E. Wietfeldt, M. S. Dewey, D. M. Gilliam, J. S. Nico, X. Fei, W. M. Snow, G. L. Greene, J. Pauwels, R. Eykens, A. Lamberty, and J. Van Gestel

Measurement of the Neutron Lifetime Using a Gravitational Trap and a Low-Temperature Fomblin Coating , p. 333
A. Serebrov, V. Varlamov, A. Kharitonov, A. Fomin, Yu. Pokotilovski, P. Geltenbort, J. Butterworth, I. Krasnoschekova, M. Lasakov, R. Tal'daev, A. Vassiljev, and O. Zherebtsov

Determination of the Neutron Lifetime Using Magnetically Trapped Neutrons , p. 339
S. N. Dzhosyuk, K. J. Coakley, A. Copete, J. M. Doyle, R. Golub, E. Korobkina, T. Kreft, S. K. Lamoreaux, A. K. Thompson, G. L. Yang, L. Yang, and P. R. Huffman

First Ever Storage of Ultracold Neutrons in a Magnetic Trap Made of Permanent Magnets , p. 345
V. F. Ezhov, A. Z. Andreev, A. A. Glushkov, A. G Glushkov, M. N. Groshev, V. A. Knyazkov, G. B. Krygin, V. L. Ryabov, P. Serebrov, B. A. Bazarov, P. Geltenbort, F. J. Hartman, S. Paul, R. Picker, O. Zimmer, and N. A. Kovrizhnykh

Neutron Lifetime Experiment Based on an Accordion-Like UCN Storage Volume Coated With "Low Temperature Fomblin" , p. 351
B. Yerozolimsky, A. Steyerl, O. Kwon, V. Luschikov, A. Strelkov, P. Geltenbort, N. Achiwa, A. Pichlmaier, and P. Fierlinger

A Superconducting Magnet UCN Trap for Precise Neutron Lifetime Measurements , p. 357
R. Picker, I. Altarev, J. Bröcker, E. Gutsmiedl, J. Hartmann, A. Müller, S. Paul, W. Schott, U. Trinks, and O. Zimmer

On the Measurement the Neutron Lifetime Using Ultracold Neutrons in a Vacuum Quadrupole Trap , p. 361
J. David Bowman and S. I. Penttila

Chaotic Scattering and Escape Times of Marginally Trapped Ultracold Neutrons , p. 367
K. J. Coakley, J. M. Doyle, S. N. Dzhosyuk, L. Yang, and P. R. Huffman

The Beta-, Neutrino- and Proton-Asymmetry in Neutron ß-Decay , p. 377
H. Abele, S. Baeßler, M. Deissenroth, F. Glück, J. Krempel, M. Kreuz, B. Märkisch, D. Mund, M. Schumann, and T. Soldner

Project of Neutron Beta-Decay A–Asymmetry Measurement With Relative Accuracy of (1–2)×10–3 , p. 383
A. Serebrov, Yu. Rudnev, A. Murashkin, O. Zherebtsov, A. Kharitonov, V. Korolev, T. Morozov, A. Fomin, V. Pusenkov, A. Schebetov, and V. Varlamov

Measurement of Neutron Decay Parameters–The abBA Experiment , p. 389
W. S. Wilburn, J. D. Bowman, G. S. Mitchell, J. M. O'Donnell, S. I. Penttila, P.-N. Seo, J. R. Calarco, F. W. Hersmann, T. E. Chupp,T. V. Cianciolo, K. P. Rykaczewski, G. R. Young, R. T. De Souza, W. M. Snow, D. Desai, G. L. Greene, R. K. Grzywacz, E. Frlez, D. Pocanic, T. R. Gentile, V. Gudkov, and G. L. Jones

Determination of the Electron-Antineutrino Angular Correlation Coefficient a0 in Unpolarized Neutron ß-Decay , p. 395
J. Byrne

Proposed Measurement of the Beta-Neutrino Correlation in Neutron Decay , p. 401
B. Collett, R. Anderman, S. Balashov, F. B. Bateman, J. Byrne, M. S. Dewey, B. M. Fisher, L. Goldin, G Jones, A. Komives, T. Konopka, M. Leuschner, Yu. Mostovoy, J. S. Nico, A. K. Thompson, C. Trull, F. E. Wietfeldt, R. Wilson, and B. G. Yerozolimsky

On the Measurement of the Electron-Neutrino Correlation in Neutron Beta Decay , p. 407
J. David. Bowman

Radiative Neutron ß-Decay in Effective Field Theory , p. 411
Susan Gardner, Véronique Bernard, Ulf-G. Meißner, and Chi Zhang

Search for Radiative ß-Decay of the Free Neutron , p. 415
J. Byrne, R. U. Khafizov, Yu A. Mostovoi, O. Rozhnov, V. A. Solovei, Beck, V. U. Kozlov, and N. Severijns

Detecting the Radiative Decay Mode of the Neutron , p. 421
B. M. Fisher, F. E. Wietfeldt, M. S. Dewey, T. R. Gentile, J. S. Nico, A. K. Thompson, K. J. Coakley, E. J. Beise, K. G Kiriluk, and J. Byrne

Detector Development for the abBA Experiment , p. 427
P.-N. Seo, J. D. Bowman, G. S. Mitchell, S. I. Penttila, and W. S. Wilburn

A Backscatter Suppressed Electron Detector for the Measurement of "a" , p. 431
A. Komives, F. E. Wietfeldt, C. Trull, F. B. Bateman, M. S. Dewey, A. K. Thompson, R. Anderman, S. Balashov, and Yu. Mostovoy

Monte Carlo Study of the abBA Experiment: Detector Response and Physics Analysis , p. 437
E. Frlez

Simulation of Charged Particle Trajectories in the Neutron Decay Correlation Experiment abBA , p. 443
Dharmin Desai, Geoffrey Greene, Rob Mahurin, David Bowman, and John Calarco

Development of a Position Sensitive Neutron Detector With High Efficiency and Energy Resolution for Use at High-Flux Beam Sources , p. 449
Diane M. Markoff, Vince Cianciolo, Chuck L. Britton, Ronald G. Cooper, and Geoff L. Greene

The T -Odd R and D Correlations in Beta Decay , p. 453
Peter Herczeg

Search for Time Reversal Violating Effects: R-Correlation Measurement in Neutron Decay , p. 461
K. Bodek, C. Ban, M. Beck, A. Bialek, T. Brys, A. Czarnecki, W. Fetscher, P. Corel, K. Kirch, St. Kistryn, A. Kozela, M. Kuzniak, A. Lindroth, O. Naviliat-Cuncic, J. Pulut, A. Serebrov, N. Severijns, E. Stephan, and J. Zejma

Two Coils Resonant Ramsey's Method for the Measurement of Time Reversal Invariance Violation in Neutron Transmission , p. 465
V. V. Loukachevitch and A. V. Aldushchenkov

On the Way to Experimental Test of the Time Reversal Invariance in the Nuclear Reactions , p. 471
Vadim R. Skoy, Takashi Ino, Yasuhiro Masuda, Suguru Muto, and Guinyun Kim

A Ramsey's Method With Pulsed Neutrons for a T-Violation Experiment , p. 481
Y. Masuda, T. Ino, S. Muto, and V. Skoy

Bounds on Time Reversal Violation From Polarized Neutron Capture With Unpolarized Targets , p. 485
E. D. Davis, C. R. Gould, G. E. Mitchell, and E. I. Sharapov

Investigation of Solid D2 for UCN Sources , p. 491
F. Atchison, K. Bodek, B. van den Brandt, T. Brys, M. Daum, P. Fierlinger, P. Geltenbort, M. Giersch, P. Hautle, M. Hino, R. Henneck, M. Kasprzak, K. Kirch, J. Kohlbrecher, J. A. Konter, G. Kühne, M. Kuzniak, K. Mishima, A. Pichlmaier, D. Rätz, A. Serebrov, M. Utsuro, A. Wokaun, and J. Zmeskal

Conference Summary , p. 495
Dirk Dubbers

Issue 5 September-October 2005

Temperature Dependence of the Hall and Longitudinal Resistances in a Quantum Hall Resistance Standard , p. 497
J. Matthews and M. E. Cage

The "Median" Method for the Reduction of Noise and Trigger Jitter on Waveform Data , p. 511
N. G. Paulter and D. R. Larson

Developing a More Rapid Test to Assess Sulfate Resistance of Hydraulic Cements , p. 529
Chiara Ferraris, Paul Stutzman, Max Peltz, and John Winpigler

Chemistry of Silanes: Interfaces in Dental Polymers and Composites , p. 541
Joseph M. Antonucci, Sabine H. Dickens, Bruce O. Fowler, Hockin H. K. Xu, and Walter G. McDonough

Issue 6 November-December 2005

Invited Review Article in Celebration of the World Year of Physics 2005: The Measurement of Little g: A Fertile Ground for Precision Measurement Science , p. 559
James E. Faller

On the Absorption Spectrum of Noble Gases at the Arc Spectrum Limit , p. 583
Ugo Fano, Guido Pupillo, Alberto Zannoni, and Charles W. Clark

Uncertainty in NIST Force Measurements , p. 589
Tom Bartel

Bayesian Approach to Assessing Uncertainty and Calculating a Reference Value in Key Comparison Experiments , p. 605
Blaza Toman

Preparation of Reference Material 8504, Transformer Oil , p. 613
Dianne L. Poster, Michele M. Schantz, and Stephen A. Wise

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