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Journal of Research Volume 11

Bureau of Standards Journal of Research

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 11

ISSN: 0091-1801

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 July 1933

Corrections (Volume 11), p. ii

An international comparison of temperature scales between 660 degrees and 1,063 degrees C, p. 1
Roeser, W.F.; Schofield, F.H.; Moser, H.A.

A study of some factors influencing the strength and stability of experimental papers made from two different sulphite pulps, p. 7
Rasch, R.H.; Shaw, M.B.; Bicking, G.W.

Permissible curvature of prism surfaces and inaccuracy of collimation in precise minimum-deviation refractometry, p. 25
Tilton, L.W.

A 200-kilocycle piezo oscillator, p. 59
Lapham, E.G.

The viscosity of optical glass, p. 65
Wadleigh, W.H.

The present status of the standards of thermal radiation maintained by the Bureau of Standards, p. 79
Coblentz, W.W.; Stair, R.

Note on an improved chain-packed distilling column, p. 89
Schicktanz, S.T.

Equuipment for testing current transformers, p. 93
Silsbee, F.B.; Smith, R.L.; Forman, N.L.; Park, J.H.

Phase synchronization in directive antenna arrays with particular application to the radio range beacon, p. 123
Kear, F.G.

Continuous measurements of the virtual heights of the ionosphere, p. 141
Gilliland, T.R.

The effects of atmospheric moisture on the physical properties of vegetable and chrome tanned calf leathers, p. 147
Evans, W.D.; Critchfield, C.L.

Issue 2 August 1933

The activity coefficients of hydroxyl ion in solutions of calcium hydroxide at 30 degrees C, p. 163
Flint, E.P.; Wells, L.S.

Effect of temperature and frequency on the dielectric constant, power factor, and conductivity of compounds of purified rubber and sulphur, p. 173
Scott, A.H.; McPherson, A.T.; Curtis, H.L.

The standard-cell comparator, a specialized potentiometer, p. 211
Brooks, H.B.

The optical properties, densities, and solubilities of the normal formates of some metals of group II of the periodic system, p. 233
Ashton, F.W.; Houston, D.F.; Saylor, C.P.

Effect of glass containers on the electromotive force of Weston normal cells, p. 255
Vinal, G.W.; Howard, M.L.

Preliminary list of terms for the arc spectrum of tantalum, p. 277
Kiess, C.C.; Kiess, H.K.

Thermal expansion of columbium, p. 279
Hidnert, P.; Krider, H.S.

Aerodynamic characteristics of automobile models, p. 285
Heald, R.H.

A basis for the comparison of x-rays generated by voltages of different wave form, p. 293
Taylor, L.S.; Singer, G.; Stoneburner, C.F.

Issue 3 September 1933

A method of providing course and quadrant identification with the radio range-beacon system, p. 309
Dunmore, F.W.

Effects of particle size of a potter's "flint" and a feldspar in whiteware, p. 327
Geller, R.F.; Evans, D.N.; Creamer, A.S.

Comparison of high voltage -xray tubes, p. 341
Taylor, L.S.; Singer, G.; Stoneburner, C.F.

Fire hazard of domestic heating installations, p. 353
Voigt, G.Q.

A continuous recorder of radio field intensities, p. 373
Norton, KA; Reymer, S.E.

A comparison of several developers and the specification of relative sensitivity, p. 379
Davis, R.; Neeland, G.K.

The second spectrum of krypton, p. 409
deBruin, T.L.; Humphreys, C.J; Meggers, W.F.

Issue 4 October 1933

Effect of weave on the properties of cloth, p. 441
Schiefer, H.F.; Cleveland, R.S.; Porter, J.W.; Miller, J.

The isotopic fractionation of water, p. 453
Washburn, E.W.; Smith, E.R.; Frandsen, M.

Performance tests of radio system of landing aids, p. 463
Diamond, H.

Tests of theatre-proscenium curtains, p. 491
Mitchell, N.D.

The deposition of chromium from solutions of chromic and chromous salts, p. 515
Kasper, C.

The utility of the spark test as applied to commercial steels, p. 527
Buzzard, R.W.

The system liquid iron-carbon oxides, p. 541
Vacher, H.C.

Simple calorimeter for heats of fusion. Data on the fusion of pseudocumene, mesitylene (alpha and beta), hemimellitene, o- and m-xylene, and on two transitions of hemimellitene, p. 553
Rossini, D.F.

Note on a multi-frequency automatic recorder of ionosphere heights, p. 561
Gilliland, T.R.

Issue 5 November 1933

Tests on a reinforced-concrete arch of the Arlington Memorial Bridge, p. 567
Fishburn, C.C.; Nagle, J.L.

Spectral differentiation of pure hydrocarbons: A near infrared absorption study, p. 599
Liddel, U.; Kasper, C.

The stability of levulose in aqueous solutions of varying pH, p. 619
Mathews, J.A.; Jackson, R.F.

Wear resistance of natural stone flooring, p. 635
Kessler, D.W.

Preparation and properties of aldonic acids and their lactones and basic calcium salts, p. 649
Isbell, H.S.; Frush, H.L.

The isolation of mesitylene, pseudocumene, and hemimellitene from an Oklahoma petroleum, p. 665
Mair, B.J; Schicktanz, S.T.

The attraction between coils in the Rayleigh current balance, p. 681
Snow, C.

Formula for specific volumes of saturated vapors, p. 691
Meyers, C.H.

Infrared absorption spectra of some plant pigments, p. 703
Stair, R.; Coblentz, W.W.

Preparation of calcium lactobionate and lactobionic delta-lactone, p. 713
Isbell, H.S.

Phase equilibria in the systems TiO2, TiO2-SiO2 and TiO2-Al2O3, p. 719
Bunting, E.N.

Issue 6 December 1933

Comparison of natural aging of paper with accelerated aging by heating, p. 727
Rasch, R.H.; Scribner, B.W.

A radio direction finder for use on aircraft, p. 733
Hinman, W.S.

The photographic emulsion: Sensitization by sodium sulphite, p. 743
Carroll, B.H.; Hubbard, D.

Consistency of potato-starch size, p. 765
Schreiber, W.T.; Gelb, M.N.V.; Moore, O.C.

ARC spectrum of silicon in the red and infrared, p. 775
Kiess, C.C.

Critical study of the determination of ethane by combustion over platinum in the presence excess oxygen, p. 783
Shepherd, M.; Branham, J.R.

Effect of heat treatment on the expansivity of a pyrex glass, p. 799
Saunders, J.B.; Tool, A.Q.

Evaluation of manila-rope fiber for color, p. 811
Becker, G.; Appel, W.D.

Spectral reflectance of the Philippine Island Government standards for abaca fiber, p. 823
Becker, G.

Radio observations of the Bureau of Standards during the solar eclipse of August 31, 1932, p. 829
Kirby, S.S.; Berkner, L.V.; Gilliland, T.R.; Norton, KA

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