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Journal of Research Volume 109

The Journal of Research of NIST reports NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 109

ISSN: 1044-677X

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

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Issue 5

Issue 6





Issue 1 January-February 2004

Accuracy in powder diffraction III - Part 1 - Preface, and Front Matter , p. iii
Cline, James P. (editor)

Fundamental Parameters Line Profile Fitting in Laboratory Diffractometers , p. 1
R. W. Cheary, A. A. Coelho, and J. P. Cline

Polycapillary Optics for Materials Science Studies: Instrumental Effects and Their Correction , p. 27
M. Leoni, U. Welzel, and P. Scardi

Direct Space Structure Solutions Applications , p. 49
Maryjane Tremayne

Diffraction Line Broadening Analysis if Broadening Is Caused by Both Dislocations and Limited Crystallite Size , p. 65
J.-D. Kamminga and L. J. Seijbel

X-Ray Spectrometry of Copper: New Results on an Old Subject , p. 75
M. Deutsch, E. Förster, G. Hölzer, J. Härtwig, K. Hämäläinen, C.-C. Kao, D. Huotari, and R. Diamant

Multidataset Refinement Resonant Diffraction, and Magnetic Structures , p. 99
J. Paul Attfield

Powder Diffraction: Least-Squares and Beyond , p. 107
W. I. F. David

Direct Methods Optimised for Solving Crystal Structure by Powder Diffraction Data: Limits, Strategies, and Prospects , p. 125
Angela Altomare, Carmelo Giacovazzo, Anna Grazia Giuseppina Moliterni, and Rosanna Rizzi

The High Resolution Powder Diffraction Beam Line at ESRF , p. 133
A. N. Fitch

Global Rietveld Refinement , p. 143
Kenneth Shankland

Bayesian Inference of Nanoparticle-Broadened X-Ray Line Profiles , p. 155
Nicholas Armstrong, Walter Kalceff, James P. Cline, and John Bonevich

Issue 2 March-April 2004

The Remarkable Metrological History of Radiocarbon Dating [II] , p. 185
L. A. Currie

Characterization of Combinatorial Polymer Blend Composition Gradients by FTIR Microspectroscopy , p. 219
Naomi Eidelman and Carl G. Simon, Jr.

Spot Weld Analysis With 2D Ultrasonic Arrays , p. 233
A. A. Denisov, C. M. Shakarji, B. B. Lawford, R. Gr. Maev, and J. M. Paille

Standard Reference Materials (SRMs) for the Calibration and Validation of Analytical Methods for PCBs (as Aroclor Mixtures) , p. 245
Dianne L. Poster, Michele M. Schantz, Stefan D. Leigh, and Stephen A. Wise

Simulation of Sheared Suspenions With a Parallel Implementation of QDPD , p. 267
James S. Sims and Nicos Martys

Software Architecture for a Virtual Environment for Nano Scale Assembly (VENSA) , p. 279
Yong-Gu Lee, Kevin W. Lyons, and Shaw C. Feng

Intramural Comparison of NIST Laser and Optical Fiber Power Calibrations , p. 291
John H. Lehman, Igor Vayshenker, David J. Livigni, and Joshua Hadler

Erratum: Statistical Interpretation of Key Comparison Reference Value and Degrees of Equivalence , p. 299
R. N. Kacker, R. U. Datla, and A. C. Parr

Erratum: New National Air-Kerma-Strength Standards for 125I and 103Pd Brachytherapy Seeds , p. 301
Stephen M. Seltzer, Paul J. Lamperti, Robert Loevinger, Michael G. Mitch, James T. Weaver, and Bert M. Coursey

Erratum: Determining the Magnetic Properties of 1 kg Mass Standards , p. 303
Richard S. Davis

Issue 3 May-June 2004

Front Cover–Title Page–Contents

Uncertainty Propagation for NIST Visible Spectral Standards , p. 305
James L. Gardner

Uncertainties in Small-Angle Measurement Systems Used to Calibrate Angle Artifacts , p. 319
Jack A. Stone, Mohamed Amer, Bryon Faust, and Jay Zimmerman

Embedded MicroHeating Elements in Polymeric MicroChannels for Temperature Control and Fluid Flow Sensing , p. 335
Michael Gaitan and Laurie E. Locascio

Uncertainty and Traceability for the CEESI Iowa Natural Gas Facility , p. 345
Aaron Johnson and Tom Kegel

High-Resolution Observations of the Infrared Spectrum of Neutral Neon , p. 371
Craig J. Sansonetti, Marion M. Blackwell, and E. B. Saloman

Issue 4 July-August 2004

Front Cover–Title Page–Contents

Initial NIST AC QHR Measurements , p. 391
M. E. Cage, S. H. Shields, and A. Jeffery

Frequency-Domain Models for Nonlinear Microwave Devices Based on Large-Signal Measurements , p. 407
Jeffrey A. Jargon, Donald C. DeGroot, and K. C. Gupta

Nonlinearity Measurements of High-Power Laser Detectors at NIST , p. 429
Hiaoyu Li, Thomas Scott, Shao Yang, Chris Caromer, and Marla Dowell

Two Primary Standards for Low Flows of Gases , p. 435
Robert F. Berg and Stuart A. Tison

Evaluation of Handheld Radionuclide Identifiers , p. 451
L. Pibida, M. Unterweger, and L. R. Karam

Issue 5 September-October 2004

Front Cover–Title Page–Contents

Optical Diffraction in Close Proximity to Plane Apertures. III. Modified, Self-Consistent Theory , p. 457
Klaus D. Mielenz

Development of A High Throughput Method Incorporating Traditional Analytical Devices , p. 465
C. C. White, E. Embree, W. E. Byrd, and A. R. Patel

Determining the Uncertainty of X-Ray Absorption Measurements , p. 479
Gary S. Wojcik

Analytical Representations of Elastic Moduli Data With Simultaneous Dependence on Temperature and Porosity , p. 497
R. G. Munro

Electron-Impact Cross Sections for Ground State to np Excitations of Sodium and Potassium , p. 505
Philip M. Stone and Yong-Ki Kim

Stability Comparison of Recordable Optical Discs--A Study of Error Rates in Harsh Conditions , p. 517
Oliver Slattery, Richang Lu, Jian Zheng, Fred Byers, and Xiao Tang

Issue 6 November-December 2004

Front Cover–Title Page–Contents.

A Small-Volume Apparatus for the Measurement of Phase Equilibria , p. 525
Stephanie L. Outcalt and Byung-Chul Lee

SRM 2460/2461 Standard Bullets and Casings Project , p. 533
J. Song, E. Whitenton, D. Kelley, R. Clary, L. Ma, S. Ballou, and M. Ols

Properties of Nanostructured Hydroxyapatite Prepared by a Spray Drying Technique , p. 543
Laurence C. Chow, Limin Sun, and Bernard Hockey

Preparation and Comprehensive Characterization of a Calcium Hydroxyapatite Reference Material , p. 553
Milenko Markovic, Bruce O. Fowler, and Ming S. Tung

Ambiguities in Powder Indexing: Conjunction of a Ternary and Binary Lattice Metric Singularity in the Cubic System , p. 569
Alan D. Mighell



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