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Journal of Research Volume 108

The Journal of Research of NIST reports NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 108

ISSN: 1044-677X

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6





Issue 1 January-February 2003

Mass Absorption Coefficient of Tungsten and Tantalum, 1450 eV to 2350 eV: Experiment, Theory, and Application , p. 1
Zachary H. Levine, Steven Grantham, Charles Tarrio, David J. Paterson, Ian McNulty, T. M. Levin, Alexei L. Ankudinov, and John J. Rehr

A Double-Primary Dead-Weight Tester for Pressures (35-175) kPa in Gage Mode , p. 11
Kamlesh Jain, Yueqin Cen, Walter J. Bowers, and James W. Schmidt

Design and Uncertainty Analysis for a PVTt Gas Flow Standard , p. 21
John D. Wright, Aaron N. Johnson, and Michael R. Moldover

Potassium Bromate Assay by Redox Titrimetry Using Arsenic Trioxide , p. 49
Johanna M. Smeller and Stefan D. Leigh

Optical Diffraction in Close Proximity to Plane Apertures. II. Comparison of Half-Plane Diffraction Theories , p. 57
Klaus D. Mielenz

Uncertainties in Interpolated Spectral Data , p. 69
James L. Gardner

Quantitative Synthetic Polymer Mass Spectrometry Workshop , p. 79
William E. Wallace, Charles M. Guttman, and Scott D. Hanton

News Briefs , p. 87

Issue 2 March-April 2003

Accuracy of Nanoscale Pitch Standards Fabricated by Laser-Focused Atomic Deposition , p. 99
Jabez J. McClelland, William R. Anderson, Curtis C. Bradley, Mirek Walkiewicz, Robert J. Celotta, Erich Jurdik, and Richard D. Deslattes

Characterization of an Ellipsoidal Radiometer , p. 115
Annageri V. Murthy, Ingrid Wetterlund, and David P. DeWitt

Interlaboratory Comparison of Magnetic Thin Film Measurements , p. 125
F. C. S. da Silva, C. M. Wang, and D. P. Pappas

A Primary Dead-Weight Tester for Pressures (0.05-1.0) MPa , p. 135
Kamlesh Jain, Walt Bowers, and James W. Schmidt

Thermal Conductivity Measurement of an Electron-Beam Physical-Vapor-Deposition Coating , p. 147
A. J. Slifka and B. J. Filla

Thermal Evaluation of Scorched Graphite-Epoxy Panels by Infrared Scanning , p. 151
A. J. Slifka, T. Hall, and E. S. Boltz

News Briefs , p. 157

Issue 3 May-June 2003

Amorphous Calcium Phosphate-Based Bioactive Polymeric Composites for Mineralized Tissue Regeneration , p. 167
D. Skrtic, J. M. Antonucci, and E. D. Eanes

An Experimental Method for Measuring Mechanical Properties of Rat Pulmonary Arteries Verified With Latex , p. 183
E. S. Drexler, A. J. Slifka, J. E. Wright, C. N. McCowan, D. S. Finch, T. P. Quinn, J. D. McColskey, D. D. Ivy, and R. Shandas

Dependence of Electron Density on Fermi Energy in N-Type Gallium Antimonid , p. 193
Herbert S. Bennett and Howard Hung

Radiometric Measurement Comparison on the Integrating Sphere Source Used to Calibrate the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) and the Landsat 7 Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus (ETM+) , p. 199
James J. Butler, Steven W. Brown, Robert D. Saunders, B. Carol Johnson, Stuart F. Biggar, Edward F. Zalewski, Brian L. Markham, Paul N. Gracey, James B. Young, and Robert A. Barnes

Relating Fresh Concrete Viscosity Measurements From Different Rheometers , p. 229
Chiara F. Ferraris and Nicos S. Martys

Repeatability and Reproducibility Standard Deviations in the Measurement of Trace Moisture Generated Using Permeation Tubes , p. 235
Peter H. Huang and Raghu Kacker

News Briefs , p. 241

Issue 4 July-August 2003

Review of Instrumented Indentation , p. 249
Mark R. VanLandingham

Towards High Accuracy Reflectometry for Extreme-Ultraviolet Lithography , p. 267
Charles Tarrio, Steven Grantham, Matthew B. Squires, Robert E. Vet, and Thomas B. Lucatorto

Virtual Environment for Manipulating Microscopic Particles With Optical Tweezers , p. 275
Yong-Gu Lee, Kevin W. Lyons, Thomas W. LeBrun

On the Stability of Exponential Backoff , p. 289
Nah-Oak Song, Byung-Jae Kwak, and Leonard E. Miller

A Link-Level Simulator of the cdma2000 Reverse-Link Physical Layer , p. 299
H. Gharavi, F. Chin, K. Ban, and R. Wyatt-Millington

Issue 5 September-October 2003

New National Air-Kerma-Strength Standards for 125I and 103Pd Brachytherapy Seeds , p. 337
Stephen M. Seltzer, Paul J. Lamperti, Robert Loevinger, Michael G. Mitch, James T. Weaver, and Bert M. Coursey

Changes in the U.S. Primary Standards for the Air Kerma From Gamma-Ray Beams , p. 359
Stephen M. Seltzer and Paul M. Bergstrom, Jr.

Comparison of the NIST and BIPM Medium-Energy X-Ray Air-Kerma Measurements , p. 383
D. T. Burns, M. O'Brien, P. Lamperti, and M. Boutillon

Optical-Fiber Power Meter Comparison Between NIST and PTB , p. 391
I. Vayshenker, H. Haars, X. Li, J. H. Lehman, and D. J. Livigni

A Logical Model of Conceptual Integrity in Data Integration , p. 395
David Flater

Issue 6 November-December 2003

Simulation of an Austenite-Twinned-Martensite Interface , p. 413
A. J. Kearsley and L. A. Melara, Jr.

High Accuracy Ultraviolet Index of Refraction Measurements Using a Fourier Transform Spectrometer , p. 429
Rajeev Gupta and Simon G. Kaplan

Statistical Interpretation of Key Comparison Reference Value and Degrees of Equivalence , p. 439
R. N. Kacker, R. U. Datla, and A. C. Parr

The Normalized Reduced Form and Cell Mathematical Tools for Lattice Analysis—Symmetry and Similarity , p. 447
Alan D. Mighell

Evaluation of Intrusion Detection Systems , p. 453
Jacob W. Ulvila and John E. Gaffney, Jr.

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