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Journal of Research Volume 107

The Journal of Research of NIST reports NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 107

ISSN: 1044-677X

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6





Issue 1 January-February 2002

Front Cover–Title Page–Contents

Data Analysis Methods for Synthetic Polymer Mass Spectrometry: Autocorrelation , p. 1
William E. Wallace and Charles M. Guttman

The 1997 North American Interagency Intercomparison of Ultraviolet Spectroradiometers Including Narrowband Filter Radiometers , p. 19
Kathleen Lantz, Patrick Disterhoft, Edward Early, Ambler Thompson, John DeLuisi, Jerry Berndt, Lee Harrison, Peter Kiedron, James Ehramjian, Germar Bernhard, Lauriana Cabasug, James Robertson, Wanfeng Mou, Thomas Taylor, James Slusser, David Bigelow, Bill Durham, George Janson, Douglas Hayes, Mark Beaubien, and Arthur Beaubien

Electron-Impact Total Ionization Cross Sections of Hydrocarbon Ions , p. 63
Karl K. Irikura, Yong-Ki Kim, and M. A. Ali

A Systematic Approach for Multidimensional, Closed-Form Analytic Modeling: Effective Intrinsic Carrier Concentrations in Ga1-xAlxAs Heterostructures , p. 69
Herbert S. Bennett and James J. Filliben

Quantitating Fluorescence Intensity From Fluorophore: The Definition of MESF Assignment , p. 83
Abe Schwatz, Lili Wang, Edward Early, Adolfas Gaigalas, Yu-Zhong Zhang, Gerald E. Marti, and Robert F. Vogt

The State of the Art and Practice in Digital Preservation , p. 93
Kyong-Ho Lee, Oliver Slattery, Richang Lu, Xiao Tang, and Victor McCrary

Treasure of the Past X: A Spectroscopic Determination of Scattering Lengths for Sodium Atom Collisions , p. 107
Eite Tiesinga, Carl J. Williams, Paul S. Julienne, Kevin M. Jones, Paul D. Lett, and William D. Phillips

Issue 2 March-April 2002

The Visible Cement Data Set , p. 137
Dale P. Bentz, Symoane Mizell, Steve Satterfield, Judith Devaney, William George, Peter Ketcham, James Graham, James Porterfield, Daniel Quenard, Franck Vallee, Hebert Sallee, Elodie Boller, and Jose Baruchel

Argon I Lines Produced in a Hollow Cathode Source, 332 nm to 5865 nm , p. 149
W. Whaling, W. H. C. Anderson, M. T. Carle, J. W. Brault, and H. A. Zarem

Water Calorimetry: A Correction to the Heat Defect Calculations , p. 171
Norman V. Klassen and Carl K. Ross

Exploring Collective Dynamics in Communication Networks , p. 179
Jian Yuan and Kevin Mills

A Knowledge-Navigation System for Dimensional Metrology , p. 193
Howard T. Moncarz

Issue 3 May-June 2002

Accelerating Scientific Discovery Through Computation and Visualization II , p. 223
James S. Sims, William L. George, Steven G. Satterfield, Howard K. Hung, John G. Hagedorn, Peter M. Ketcham, Terence J. Griffin, Stanley A. Hagstrom, Julien C. Franiatte, Garnett W. Bryant, W. Jaskólski, Nicos S. Martys, Charles E. Bouldin, Vernon Simmons, Oliver P. Nicolas, James A. Warren, Barbara A. am Ende, John E. Koontz, B. James Filla, Vital G. Pourprix, Stefanie R. Copley, Robert B. Bohn, Adele P. Peskin, Yolanda M. Parker, and Judith E. Devaney

The Role of Rendering in the Competence Project in Measurement Science for Optical Reflection and Scattering , p. 247
Harold B. Westlund, Gary W. Meyer, and Fern Y. Hunt

Through Measurement to Knowledge: The Inaugural Lecture of Heike Kamerlingh Onnes (1882) , p. 261
Arno Laesecke

A Critical Evaluation of Interlaboratory Data on Total, Elemental, and Isotopic Carbon in the Carbonaceous Particle Reference Material, NIST SRM 1649a , p. 279
L. A. Currie, B. A. Benner, Jr., J. D. Kessler, D. B. Klinedinst, G. A. Klouda, J. V. Marolf, J. F. Slater, S. A. Wise, H. Cachier, R. Cary, J. C. Chow, J. Watson, E. R. M. Druffel, C. A. Masiello, T. I. Eglinton, A. Pearson, C. M. Reddy, O. Gustafsson, P. C. Hartmann, J. G. Quinn, J. I. Hedges, K. M. Prentice, T. W. Kirchstetter, T. Novakov, H. Puxbaum, and H. Schmid

Effect of Loading Rate Upon Conventional Ceramic Microindentation Hardness , p. 299
George D. Quinn, Parimal J. Patel, and Isabel Lloyd

Issue 4 July-August 2002

Diffractive Optics From Self-Assembled DNA , p. 319
Zachary H. Levine

Electron-Impact Cross Sections for Dipole- and Spin-Allowed Excitations of Hydrogen, Helium, and Lithium , p. 327
Philip M. Stone, Yong-Ki Kim, and J. P. Desclaux

Quantitating Fluorescence Intensity From Fluorophores: Practical Use of MESF Values , p. 339
Lili Wang, Adolfas K. Gaigalas, Fatima Abbasi, Gerald E. Marti, Robert F. Vogt, and Abe Schwartz

Optical Diffraction in Close Proximity to Plane Apertures. I. Boundary-Value Solutions for Circular Apertures and Slits , p. 355
Klaus D. Mielenz

Development of a Tunable LED-Based Colorimetric Source , p. 363
Steven W. Brown, Carlos Santana, and George P. Eppeldauer

Conventional Cells–The Last Step Toward General Acceptance of Standard Conventional Cells for the Reporting of Crystallographic Data , p. 373
Alan D. Mighell

Issue 5 September-October 2002

Stability of Standard Electrolytic Conductivity Solutions in Glass Containers , p. 393
Rubina H. Shreiner

Self-Similarity Simplification Approaches for the Modeling and Analysis of Rockwell Hardness Indentation , p. 401
Li Ma, Jack Zhou, Alan Lau, Samuel Low, and Roland deWit

Three Improvements in Reduction and Computation of Elliptic Integrals , p. 413
B. C. Carlson

Influence of the Vertical Emittance on the Calculability of the Synchrotron Ultraviolet Radiation Facility , p. 419
U. Arp

Lattice Matching (LM)–Prevention of Inadvertent Duplicate Publications of Crystal Structures , p. 425
Alan D. Mighell

Noise-Parameter Uncertainties: A Monte Carlo Simulation , p. 431
J. Randa

Transient Green's Tensor for a Layered Solid Half-Space With Different Interface Conditions , p. 445
Shu-Chu Ren, Nelson N. Hsu, and Donald G. Eitzen

Issue 6 November-December 2002

Front Cover–Title Page–Contents

Unertainty in Quantitative Electron Probe Microanalysis , p. 483
Kurt F. J. Heinrich

Accurate Cross Sections for Microanalysis , p. 487
Peter Rez

Optimization of Wavelength Dispersive X-ray Spectometry Analysis Conditions , p. 497
Stephen J. B. Reed

High Count Rate Electron Probe Microanalysis , p. 503
Joseph D. Geller and Charles Herrington

Decomposition of Wavelength Dispersive X-Ray Spectra , p. 509
Guy Rémond, Robert Myklebust, Michel Fialin, Clive Nockolds, Matthew Phillips, and Claude Roques-Carmes

Limitations to Accuracy in Extracting Characteristic Line Intensities From X-Ray Spectra , p. 531
Peter J. Statham

Averaging of Backscatter Intensities in Compounds , p. 547
John J. Donovan, Nicholas E. Pingitore, Jr., and Andrew J. Westphal

The Analysis of Particles at Low Accelerating Voltages (< 10 kV) With Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy (EDS) , p. 555
J. A. Small

X-Ray Microananlysis in the Variable Pressure (Environmental) Scanning Electron Microscope , p. 567
Dale E. Newbury

Barriers to Quantitative Electron Probe X-Ray Microanalysis for Low Voltage Scanning Electron Microscopy , p. 605
Dale E. Newbury

The Microcalorimeter for Industrial Applications , p. 621
Del Redfern, Joe Nicolosi, Jens Höhne, Rainer Weiland, Birgit Simmnacher, and Christian Hollerich

Sample Preparation for Electron Probe Microanalysis–Pushing the Limits , p. 627
Joseph D. Geller and Paul D. Engle

Implications of Polishing Techniques in Quantitative X-Ray Microanalysis , p. 639
Guy Rémond, Clive Nockolds, Matthew Phillips, and Claude Roques-Carmes

Copper Oxide Precipitates in NBS Standard Reference Material 482 , p. 663
Eric S. Windsor, Robert A. Carlton, Greg Gillen, Scott A. Wight, and David S. Bright

Smithsonian Microbeam Standards , p. 681
Eugene Jarosewich

NIST Standards for Microanalysis and the Certification Process , p. 687
R. B. Marinenko

Contamination in the Rare-Earth Element Orthophosphate Reference Samples , p. 693
John J. Donovan, John M. Hanchar, Phillip M. Picolli, Marc D. Schrier, Lynn A. Boatner, and Eugene Jarosewich

Characterization of Corning EPMA Standard Glasses 95IRV, 95IRW, and 95IRX , p. 703
Paul Carpenter, Dale Counce, Emily Kluk, and Carol Nabelek

Microbeam Characterization of Corning Archeological Reference Glasses: New Additions to the Smithsonian Microbeam Standard Collection , p. 719
Edward P. Vicenzi, Stephen Eggins, Amelia Logan, and Richard Wysoczanski

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