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Journal of Research Volume 105

The Journal of Research of NIST reports NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 105

ISSN: 1044-677X

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6





Issue 1 January-February 2000

Front Cover–Title Page–Contents

High Resolution γ - Ray Spectroscopy: the First 85 Years , p. 1
Richard D. Deslattes

Precision Measurement of Fundamental Constants Using GAMS4 , p. 11
M. S. Dewey, and E. G. Kessler, Jr.

The GRID Technique: Current Status and New Trends , p. 25
Michael Jentschel, Hans G. Börner, H. Lehmann, and C. Doll

Nuclear Structure–The Future With Radioactive Beams , p. 33
D. D. Warner

Low-Spin States From Decay Studies in the Mass 80 Region , p. 43
J. Döring, A. Aprahamian, and M. Wiescher

Precision Lifetime Measurements Using the Recoil Distance Method , p. 53
R. Krücken

Sub-Nanosecond Lifetime Measurement Using the Recoil-Distance Method , p. 63
Ching-Yen Wu

Study of Interatomic Potentials Using the Crystal-GRID Method on Oriented Single Crystals of Ni, Fe, and Cr , p. 71
N. Stritt, J. Jolie, M. Jentschel, H. G. Börner, and C. Doll

Study of Interatomic Potentials in ZnS–Crystal-GRID Experiments Versus Ab Initio Calculations , p. 81
Timo Koch, Karl-Heinz Heinig, Michael Jentschel, and Hans G. Börner

Neutrino Induced Doppler Broadening , p. 89
J. Jolie and N. Stritt

Current Topics in Gamma-Ray Astrophysics , p. 97
Grant J. Mathews, P. Maronetti, Jay Salmonson, and J. R. Wilson

Nuclear Structure and Galactic γ-Ray Activity , p. 101
Joachim Görres

GRID and Multiphonon States , p. 107
S. J. Robinson

Simulations of Gamma Cascades and Modelling Atomic Collision Chains , p. 113
F. Becvar, M. Krticka, and M. Jentschel

Lifetime Measurements in 178Hf , p. 125
R. C. de Haan, A. Aprahamian, H. G. Börner, C. Doll, M. Jentschel, A. M. Bruce, and S. R. Lesher

Magnetic Rotation in the A=80 Region: M1 Bands in Heavy Rb Isotopes , p. 133
R. Schwengner, H. Schnare, S. Frauendorf, F. Dönau, L. Käubler, H. Prade, E. Grosse, A. Jungclaus, K. P. Lieb, C. Lingk, S. Skoda, J. Eberth, G. de Angelis, A. Gadea, E. Farnea, D. R. Napoli, C. A. Ur, and G. Lo Bianco

How Far From Stability Can We Go Using Gammasphere and the FMA? , p. 137
C. J. Lister

Nuclear Structure Studies With the Inelastic Neutron Scattering Reaction and Gamma-Ray Detection , p. 141
P. E. Garrett, N. Warr, and S. W. Yates

Phonons and Phase Transitions in Finite Nuclei , p. 147
N. V. Zamfir and R. F. Casten

Spectroscopy in the Second Minimum: Isotopic Limits, Lifetimes, and Magnetic Properties of Superdeformed Tl Nuclei , p. 153
W. Reviol

Nuclear Resonance Photon Scattering Studies of N2 Adsorbed on Grafoil and of NaNO2 Single Crystal , p. 159
R. Moreh, Y. Finkelstein, and D. Nemirovsky

GAMS5 , p. 167
C. Doll, H. G. Börner, T. von Egidy, H. Fujimoto, M. Jentschel, and H. Lehmann

Secondary Transitions in 159 Gd After Neutron Capture at Isolated Resonances , p. 173
S. Pospisil, F. Becvar, C. Granja Bustamante, J. Kubasta, and S. A. Telezhnikov

Application of GRID to Foreign Atom Localization in Single Crystals , p. 177
A. Karmann, W. Wesch, B. Weber, H. G. Börner, and M. Jentschel

Issue 2 March-April 2000

Noise-Optimized Silicon Radiometers , p. 209
George P. Eppeldauer

Absolute Steady-State Thermal Conductivity Measurements by Use of a Transient Hot-Wire System , p. 221
Hans M. Roder, Richard A. Perkins, Arno Laesecke, and Carlos A. Nieto de Castro

Thermal Conductivity of Saturated Liquid Toluene by Use of Anodized Tantalum Hot Wires at High Temperatures , p. 255
R. A. Perkins, M. L. Ramires, and C. A. Nieto de Castro

Measurement of Calcium Activity in Oral Fluids by Ion Selective Electrode: Method Evaluation and Simplified Calculation of Ion Activity Products , p. 267
C. M. Carey and G. L. Vogel

Radioactivity Measurements on Glazed Ceramic Surfaces , p. 275
Thomas G. Hobbs

Electron-Impact Total Ionization Cross Sections of Molecular Ions , p. 285
Yong-Ki Kim, Karl K. Irikura, and M. A. Ali

Radiative Calibration of Heat-Flux Sensors at NIST: Facilities and Techniques , p. 293
A. V. Murthy, B. K. Tsai, and R. D. Saunders

Treasure of the Past: I. Recomparison of the United States Prototype Meter , p. 307
Louis A. Fischer

Issue 3 May-June 2000

IMPI: Making MPI Interoperable , p. 343
William L. George, John G. Hagedorn, and Judith E. Devaney

Technology Roadmap for Compound Semiconductors , p. 429
Herbert S. Bennett

A Systematic Approach for Multidimensional, Closed-Form Analytic Modeling: Minority Electron Mobilities in Ga1-xAlx As Heterostructures , p. 441
Herbert S. Bennet and James J. Filliben

Treasure of the Past: II. The Atomic Weight of Bromine , p. 453
H. C. P. Weber

Issue 4 July-August 2000

Using Impedance Spectroscopy to Assess the Viability of the Rapid Chloride Test for Determining Concrete Conductivity , p. 497
K. A. Snyder, C. Ferraris, N. S. Martys, E. J. Garboczi

Capability in Rockwell C Scale Hardness , p. 511
Walter S. Liggett, Samuel R. Low, David J. Pitchure, and John Song

Massic Activity Ratios of the NBS/NIST Tritiated-Water Standards Issued Between 1954 and 1999 , p. 535
L. L. Lucas

Comprehensive Review and Critical Evaluation of the Half-Life of Tritium , p. 541
L. L. Lucas and M. P. Unterweger

Possible Advantages of a Robust Evaluation of Comparisons , p. 551
Jörg W. Müller

Equations for the Magnetic Field Produced by One or More Rectangular Loops of Wire in the Same Plane , p. 557
Martin Misakian

An Auto-Focusing Method in a Microscopic Testbed for Optical Discs , p. 565
Xiao Tang, Pierre L'Hostis, and Yu Xiao

An Approach to Combining Results From Multiple Methods Motivated by the ISO GUM , p. 571
M. S. Levenson, D. L. Banks, K. R. Eberhardt, L. M. Gill, W. F. Guthrie, H. K. Liu, M. G. Vangel, J. H. Yen, and N. F. Zhang

Numerical Evaluation of Diffraction Integrals , p. 581
Klaus D. Mielenz

Computation of Fresnel Integrals. II , p. 589
Klaus D. Mielenz

Thermal-Conductivity Apparatus for Steady-State, Comparative Measurement of Ceramic Coatings , p. 591
A. J. Slifka

Treasure of the Past: III. Gravitational Anisotropy in Crystals , p. 607
Paul R. Heyl

NIST Workshop on Luminescence Standards for Chemical Analysis , p. 631
Paul C. DeRose

Issue 5 September-October 2000

Ab Initio Values of the Thermophysical Properties of Helium Standards , p. 667
John J. Hurly and Michael R. Moldover

Improved Near-Infrared Spectral Responsivity Scale , p. 689
Ping-Shine Shaw, Thomas C. Larason, Rajeev Gupta, Steven W. Brown, and Keith R. Lykke

Comparison of the NIST and NPL Air Kerma Standards Used for X-Ray Measurements Between 10 kV and 80 kV , p. 701
M. O'Brien, P. Lamperti, T. Williams, and T. Sander

Material Properties of Titanium Diboride , p. 709
Ronald G. Munro

Coding and Modulation for LMDS and Analysis of the LMDS Channel , p. 721
Jan Erik Håkegård

Treasure of the Past IV: The Standard Cell Comparator, A Specialized Potentiometer , p. 755
H. B. Brooks

Erratum: The NIST Length Scale Interferometer , p. 779
John S. Beers and William B. Penzes

Erratum: Possible Advantages of a Robust Evaluation , p. 781
Jörg Müller

Information Technology for Engineering and Manufacturing , p. 783
Mark Carlisle and James Fowler

Issue 6 November-December 2000

Opto-Mechanical and Electronic Design of a Tunnel-Trap Si Radiometer , p. 813
George P. Eppeldauer and Donald C. Lynch

External-Field Shifts of the 199Hg+ Optical Frequency Standard , p. 829
Wayne M. Itano

Round Robin for Optical Fiber Bragg Grating Metrology , p. 839

Calibration of High-Resolution X-Ray Tomography With Atomic Force Microscopy , p. 867
Andrew R. Kalukin, Barry Winn, Yuxin Wang, Chris Jacobsen, Zachary H. Levine, and Joseph Fu

Accelerating Scientific Discovery Through Computation and Visualization , p. 875
James S. Sims, John G. Hagedorn, Peter M. Ketcham, Steven G. Satterfield, Terence J. Griffin, William L. George, Howland A. Fowler, Barbara A. am Ende, Howard K. Hung, Robert B. Bohn, John E. Koontz, Nicos W. Martys, Charles E. Bouldin, James A. Warren, David L. Feder, Charles W. Clark, B. James Filla, and Judith E. Devaney

Treasure of the Past: V: Experimental Manufacture of Paper for War Maps , p. 895
Charles G. Weber and Merle B. Shaw

Erratum: Comparison of the NIST and NPL Air Kerma Standards Used for X-Ray Measurements Between 10 kV and 80 kV , p. 901
M. O'Brien, P. Lamperti, T. Williams, and T. Sander

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