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Journal of Research Volume 102

The Journal of Research of NIST reports NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 102

ISSN: 1044-677X

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6





Issue 1 January-February 1997

Energy-Filtered High-Resolution Electron Microscopy for Quantitative Solid State Structure Determination , p. 1
Z. L. Wang, D. van Heerden, D. Josell, and A. J. Shapiro

Optimum Design of a Ceramic Tensile Creep Specimen Using a Finite Element Method , p. 15
Z. Wang, C. K. Chiang, and T.-J. Chuang

Interlaboratory Comparison on High-Temperature Superconductor Critical-Current Measurements , p. 29
J. A. Wiejaczka and L. F. Goodrich

DNA Molecules as Standard Reference Materials I: Development of DNA Identification Sequences and Human Mitochondrial DNA Reference Sequences , p. 53
Keith McKenney, Joel Hoskins, Jingxiang Tian, and Prasad Reddy

Water Calorimetry: The Heat Defect , p. 63
Norman V. Klassen and Carl K. Ross

Extension of the NIST AC-DC Difference Calibration Service for Current to 100 kHz , p. 75
Joseph R. Kinard, Thomas E. Lipe, and Clifton B. Childers

Results of the NIST National Ball Plate Round Robin , p. 85
G. W. Caskey, S. D. Phillips, and B. R. Borchardt

The Sixth International Meeting on Chemical Sensors , p. 95
Howard H. Weetall

News Briefs , p. 107

Issue 2 March-April 1997

Configurational Entropy Approach to the Kinetics of Glasses , p. 135
Edmund A. Di Marzio and Arthur J. M. Yang

Entropy Theory and Glass Transition: A Test by Monte Carlo Simulation , p. 159
J. Baschnagel, M. Wolfgardt, W. Paul, and K. Binder

Entropy and Fragility in Supercooling Liquids , p. 171
C. A. Angell

Entropy Crises in Glasses and Random Heteropolymers , p. 187
Peter G. Wolynes

Adam-Gibbs Formulation of Enthalpy Relaxation Near the Glass Transition , p. 195
Ian M. Hodge

Evidence for Glass and Spin-Glass Phase Transitions From the Dynamic Susceptibility , p. 207
D. Bitko, S. N. Coppersmith, R. L. Leheny, N. Menon, S. R. Nagel, and T. F. Rosenbaum

Entropy, Free Volume, and Cooperative Relaxation , p. 213
Shiro Matsuoka

Conformational Entropy Contributions to the Glass Temperature of Blends of Miscible Polymers , p. 229
Hans Adam Schneider

Quest for Excellence IX- Conference Report , p. 249
Cap Frank

News Briefs , p. 253

Issue 3 May-June 1997

The 1994 North American Interagency Intercomparison of Ultraviolet Monitoring Spectroradiometers , p. 279
Ambler Thompson, Edward A. Early, John DeLuisi, Patrick Disterhoft, David Wardle, James Kerr, John Rives, Yongchen Sun, Timothy Lucas, Tanya Mestechkina, and Patrick Neale

Improved Photometric Standards and Calibration Procedures at NIST , p. 323
Yoshihiro Ohno

Accurate Measurements of the Zero-Disperson Wavelength in Optical Fibers , p. 333
S. E. Mechels, J. B. Schlager, and D. L. Franzen

Creep and Creep Recovery Response of Load Cells Tested According to U.S. and International Evaluation Procedures , p. 349
Thomas W. Bartel and Simone L. Yaniv

Computation of Fresnel Integrals , p. 363
Klaus D. Mielenz

19th National Information Systems Security Conference- Conference Report , p. 367
Ellen Flahavin

First Annual Leveraging Cyberspace Conference- Conference Report, p. 371
Judy Moline

News Briefs , p. 375

Issue 4 July-August 1997

A Complete Multimode Equivalent-Circuit Theory for Electrical Design , p. 405
Dylan F. Williams, Leonard A. Hayden, and Roger B. Marks

Algorithm for Scanned Probe Microscope Image Simulation, Surface Reconstruction, and Tip Estimation , p. 425
J. S. Villarrubia

Standardization of 63Ni by 4-pi-beta Liquid Scintillation Spectrometry With 3H-Standard Efficiency Tracing , p. 455
B. E. Zimmerman and R. Collé

Calibration of High Heat Flux Sensors at NIST , p. 479
A. V. Murthy, B. K. Tsai, and C. E. Gibson

Workshop on Advanced Methods and Models for Appearance of Coatings and Coated Objects- Conference Report , p. 489
Mary E. McKnight, Jonathan W. Martin, Michael Galler, Fern Y. Hunt, Robert R. Lipman, Theodore V. Vorburger, and Ambler Thompson

News Briefs , p. 499

Issue 5 September-October 1997

A Compendium on the NIST Radionuclidic Assays of the Massic Activity of 63Ni and 55Fe Solutions Used for an International Intercomparison of Liquid Scintillation Spectrometry Techniques , p. 523
R. Collé and B. E. Zimmerman

Developments for a New Spectral Irradiance Scale at the National Institute of Standards and Technology , p. 551
Benjamin K. Tsai

On-Demand Generation of a Formaldehyde-in-Air Standard , p. 559
P. M. Chu, W. J. Thorn, R. L. Sams, and F. R. Guenther

New Method for Measuring Statistical Distributions of Partial Discharge Pulses , p. 569
Yicheng Wang

Guidelines for Expressing the Uncertainty of Measurement Results Containing Uncorrected Bias , p. 577
Steven D. Phillips, Keith R. Eberhardt, and Brian Parry

A Distribution-Independent Bound on the Level of Confidence in the Result of a Measurement , p. 587
W. Tyler Estler

Radionuclide Metrology and Its Applications - ICRM '97- Conference Report , p. 589
J. M. R. Hutchinson and Michael Unterweger

News Briefs , p. 595

Issue 6 November-December 1997

Radiometric Measurement Comparison Using the Ocean Color Temperature Scanner (OCTS) Visible and Near Infrared Iantegrating Sphere , p. 627
B. Carol Johnson, F. Sakuma, J. J. Butler, S. F. Biggar, J. W. Cooper, J. Ishida, and K. Suzuki

Uncertainty and Dimensional Calibrations , p. 647
Ted Doiron and John Stoup

Current Distributions in Quantum Hall Effect Devices , p. 677
M. E. Cage

Electron-Impact Total Ionization Cross Sections of CH and C2H2 , p. 693
Yong-Ki Kim, M. Asgar Ali, and M. Eugene Rudd

1997 Wireless Communications Conference- Conference Reports , p. 697
Roger B. Marks and Michael S. Heutmaker

The Automatic Radio Frequency Techniques Group Conference on Characterization of Broadband Telecommunications Components and Systems , p. 703
Roger B. Marks and Gary D. Alley

News Briefs , p. 709

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