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Journal of Research Volume 100

The Journal of Research of NIST reports NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 100

ISSN: 1044-677X

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6





Issue 1 January-February 1995

Preparation and Calibration of Carrier-Free 209Po Solution Standards , p. 1
R. Collé, Zhichao Lin, F. J. Schima, P. A. Hodge, J. W. L. Thomas, J. M. R. Hutchinson, and B. M. Coursey

Spectral Radiance of a Large-Area Integtrating Sphere Source , p. 37
James H. Walker and Ambler Thompson

Deposition of Diamond Films in a Closed Hot Filament CVD System , p. 43
Guan-Ren Lai, E. N. Farabaugh, A. Feldman, and L. H. Robins

Variances in the Measurement of Ceramic Powder Properties , p. 51
R. G. Munro, S. G. Malghan, and S. M. Hsu

On the Applications of Discontinuous Bessel Integrals to Chronoamperometry , p. 61
William T. Yap, and Richard A. Durst

Third International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM-94) , p. 67
Elizabeth Fong, Shirley Hurwitz, and Yelena Yesha

Federal Wireless Users' Forum Workshop , p. 71
Mary K. Ruhl and Tish Antonishek

Workshop on Water: Its Measurement and Control in Vacuum , p. 75
Stuart A. Tison and J. Patrick Looney

Manufacturing Technology Conference: Toward a Common Agenda , p. 83
Joseph Hungate

News Briefs , p. 93

Issue 2 March-April 1995

Low-Temperature Properties of Silver , p. 119
David R. Smith and F. R. Fickett

Mixing Plate-Like and Rod-Like Molecules With Solvent: A Test of Flory-Huggins Lattice Statistics , p. 173
Edmund A. Di Marzio, Arthur J. M. Yang, and Sharon C. Glotzer

News Briefs , p. 187

Issue 3 May-June 1995

Determining the Magnetic Properties of 1 kg Mass Standards , p. 209
Richard S. Davis

1993 Intercomparison of Photometric Units Maintained at NIST (USA) and PTB (Germany) , p. 227
Yoshihiro Ohno and Georg Sauter

Determination of the Transmittance Uniformity of Optical Filter Standard Reference Materials , p. 241
J. C. Travis, N. K. Winchester, and M. V. Smith

Low-Frequency Model for Radio-Frequency Absorbers , p. 257
J. Randa

Using Quantized Breakdown Voltage Signals to Determine the Maximum Electric Fields in a Quantum Hall Effet Sample , p. 269
M. E. Cage and C. F. Lavine

High Accuracy Measurement of Aperture Area Relative to a Standard Known Aperture , p. 277
Joel B. Fowler and Gyula Dezsi

Letter to the Editor New IUPAC guidelines for the reporting of stable hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen isotope-ratio data , p. 285
Tyler B. Coplen

Quest for Excellence VII- Conference Report , p. 287
Cap Frank and Robert E. Chapman

17th National Computer Security Conference- Conference Report , p. 301
Dennis Gilbert

News Briefs , p. 311

Issue 4 July-August 1995

Front Cover–Title Page–Contents

The Gaseous Electronics Conference RF Reference Cell–An Introduction , p. 327
J. K. Olthoff and K. E. Greenberg

Current and Voltage Measurements in the Gaseous Electronics Conference RF Reference Cell , p. 341
Mark A. Sobolewski

Optical Emission Spectroscopy on the Gaseous Electronics Conference RF Reference Cell , p. 353
J. R. Roberts

Optical Diagnostics in the Gaseous Electronics Conference RF Reference Cell , p. 373
G. A. Hebner and Kenneth E. Greenberg

Studies of Ion Kinetic-Energy Distributions in the Gaseous Electronics Conference RF Reference Cell , p. 383
J. K. Olthoff, R. J. Van Brunt, and S. B. Radovanov

Microwave Diagnostic Results from the Gaseous Electronics Conference RF Reference Cell , p. 401
Lawrence J. Overzet

Langmuir Probe Measurements in the Gaseous Electronics Conference RF Reference Cell , p. 415
M. B. Hopkins

An Inductively Coupled Plasma Source for the Gaseous Electronics Conference RF Reference Cell , p. 427
Paul A. Miller, Gregory A. Hebner, Kenneth E. Greenberg, Paul D. Pochan, and Ben P. Aragon

Reactive Ion Etching in the Gaseous Electronics Conference RF Reference Cell , p. 441
M. L. Brake, J. T. P. Pender, M. J. Buie, A. Ricci, J. Soniker, P. D. Pochan, and P. A. Miller

Dusty Plasma Studies in the Gaseous Electronics Conference RF Reference Cell , p. 449
H. M. Anderson and S. B. Radovanov

One-Dimensional Modeling Studies of the Gaseous Electronics Conference RF Reference Cell , p. 463
T. R. Govidan and M. Meyyappan

Two-Dimensional Self-Consistent Radio Frequency Plasma Simulations Relevant to the Gaseous Electronics Conference RF Reference Cell , p. 473
Dimitris P. Lymberopoulos and Demetre J. Economou

Forty-Seventh Annual Gaseous Electronics Conference- Conference Report , p. 495
Richard J. Van Brunt and Jean W. Gallagher

News Briefs , p. 501

Issue 5 September-October 1995

Low Electrolytic Conductivity Standards , p. 521
Yung Chi Wu and Paula A. Berezansky

Potential and Current Distributions Calculated Across a Quantum Hall Effet Sample at Low and High Currents , p. 529
M. E. Cage and C. F. Lavine

Microform Calibration Uncertainties of Rockwell Diamond Indenters , p. 543
J. F. Song, F. F. Rudder, Jr., T. V. Vorburger, and J. H. Smith

Performance Measures for Geometric Fitting in the NIST Algorithm Testing and Evaluation Program for Coordinate Measurement Systems , p. 563
Theodore H. Hopp and Mark S. Levenson

A Study on the Reuse of Plastic Concrete Using Extended Set-Retarding Admixtures , p. 575
Colin Lobo, William F. Guthrie, and Raghu Kacker

A Third Generation Water Bath Based Blackbody Source , p. 591
Joel B. Fowler

COMPASS '95 Tenth Annual Conference on Computer Assurance- Conference Report , p. 601
Bonnie P. Danner, Laura M. Ippolito, and Dolores R. Wallace

News Briefs , p. 607

Issue 6 November-December 1995

Calibration of Electret-Based Integral Radon Monitors Using NIST Polyethylene-Encapsulated 226Ra/222Rn Emanation (PERE) Standards , p. 629
R. Collé, P. Kotrappa, and J. M. R. Hutchinson

Microstructural Characterization of Cobalt-Tungsten Coated Graphite Fibers , p. 641
N. S. Wheeler

On Using Collocation in Three Dimensions and Solving a Model Semiconductor Problem , p. 661
J. F. Marchiando

Precision Tests of a Quantum Hall Effect Device DC Equivalent Circuit Using Double-Series and Triple-Series Connections , p. 677
A. Jeffery, R. E. Elmquist, and M. E. Cage

Analysis of the (5d2+5d6s)-5d6p Transition Arrays of Os VII and Ir VIII, and the 6s 2S-6p 2P Transitions of Ir IX , p. 687
G. J. van het Hof, Y. N. Joshi, J. F. Wyart, and J. Sugar

Application Portability Profile and Open System Environment User's Forum- Conference Report , p. 699
Joseph I. Hungate, Martha M. Gray, and Kathleen A. Liburdy

International Workshop on Semiconductor Characterization: Present Status and Future Needs- Conference Report , p. 711
D. G. Seiler and T. J. Shaffner

Metrology Issues in Terahertz Physics and Technology- Conference Report , p. 717
Raju Datla, Erich Grossman, and Mitchell K. Hobish

News Briefs , p. 725

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