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Journal of Research Volume 1

Bureau of Standards Journal of Research

The Journal of Research of NIST and its predecessors report NIST research and development in metrology and related fields of: physical science, engineering, applied mathematics, statistics, biotechnology, information technology.

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Volume 1

ISSN: 0091-1801

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Issue 5

Issue 6

Issue 1 July 1928

Accelerated tests of organic protective coatings, p. 1 Walker, P. H.; Hickson, E. F.

Measurement of the tread movement of pneumatic tires and a discussion of the probable relation to tread wear, p. 15 Holt, W. L.; Cook, C. M.

Absolute methods in reflectometry, p. 29
McNicholas, H. J.

Interferometer measurements of wave lengths in the vacuum arc spectra of titanium and other elements, p. 75
Kiess, C. C.

Analysis of bauxite and of refractories of high alumina content, p. 91
Lundell, G. E. F.; Hoffman, J. I.

Issue 2 August 1928

Some measurements of the transmission of ultra-violet radiation through various kinds of fabrics, p. 105
Coblentz, W. W.; Stair, R.; Schoffstall, C. F.

Tinting strength of pigments, p. 125
Bruce, H. D.

Wave-length measurements in the arc and spark spectra of hafnium, p. 151
Meggers, W. F.

Tests of the effect of brackets in reinforced concrete rigid frames, p. 189
Richart, F. E.

Accelerated laboratory corrosion test methods for zink-coated steel, p. 255
Groesbeck, E. C.; Tucker, W. A.

Issue 3 September 1928

Standard solar wave lengths (3592-7148A), p. 297
Burns, K.; Meggers, W. F.; Kiess, C. C.

Wave lengths and Zeeman effects in yttrium spectra, p. 319
Meggers, W. F.

Wear and mechanical properties of railroad bearing bronzes at different temperatures, p. 343
French, H. J.; Rosenberg, S. J.; Harbaugh, W. L.; Cross, H. C.

Steel for casehardening - Normal and abnormal steel, p. 423
Epstein, S.; Rawdon, H. S.

Strain markings in mild steel under tension, p. 467
Rawdon, H. S.

Issue 4 October 1928

Methods for the derivation and expansion of formulas for the mutual inductance of coaxial circles and for the inductance of single-layer solenoids, p. 487
Grover, F. W.

Effect of clearance and displacement of attracted disk, and also of a certain arrangement of conducting hoops, upon the constant of an electrometer, p. 513
Snow, C.

Mutual inductance of any two circles, p. 531
Snow, C.

Receiving sets for aircraft beacon and telephony, p. 543
Pratt, H.; Diamond, H.

Sensitization of photographic emulsions by colloidal materials, p. 565
Carroll, B. H.; Hubbard, D.

An experimental study of the corona voltmeter, p. 589
Brooks, H. B.; Defandorf, F. M.

The international temperature scale, p. 6351
Burgess, G. K.

Tables of theoretical Zeeman effects, p. 641
Kiess, C. C.; Meggers, W. F.

Issue 5 November 1928

Mutual inductance and torque between two concentric solenoids, p. 685
Snow, C.

A study of the hydrogen-antimony-tin method for the determination of oxygen in cast irons, p. 701
Kjerrman, B.; Jordan, L.

Note on the effect of repeated stresses on the magnetic properties of steel, p. 721
Fischer, M. F.

Effect of twist on cotton yarns, p. 733
Mercier, A. A.; Schoffstall, C. W.

Design of tuned reed course indicators for aircraft radiobeacon, p. 751
Dunmore, F. W.

Thermal expansion of magnesium and some of its alloys, p. 771
Hidnert, P.; Sweeney, W. T.

Equipment for routine spectral transmission and reflection measurements, p. 793
McNicholas, H. J.

Effect of temperature change on the color of red and yellow Lovibond glasses, p. 859
Judd, D. B.

Issue 6 December 1928

Physical properties of dental materials (Gold alloys and accessory materials), p. 867
Coleman, R. L.

Use of the under-water spark with the Hilger sector photometer in ultra-violet spectrophotometry, p. 939
McNicholas, H. J.

Reaction of water on calcium aluminates, p. 951
Wells, L. S.

Unidirectional radiobeacon for aircraft, p. 1011
Stowell, E. Z.

Studies of machines for extruding clay columns - Augers, spacers, and dies for brick machines, p. 1023
Grunwell, P. C.

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