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Quality Certificates

Resolution JCRB/45-1 (March 2022)

The JCRB noted that the RMOs have progressed successfully with a mix of in-person, online and hybrid periodic reviews of quality management systems of the institutes in their regions. The JCRB encouraged the RMOs to further develop these review routes and keep to the 5-year review period. Exceptionally, where this is not possible, they may extend the validity of these QMSs subject to a case-by-case evaluation by the RMO concerned. This extension of validity shall be for a period not exceeding one year. The power to grant such extensions will be re-evaluated at the time of the 46th meeting of the JCRB.

[Note that the 46th meeting of the JCRB will likely be scheduled for March 2023]


Acoustics and Vibration

Chemistry and Biology

Electromagnetics at High Frequencies

Electromagnetics at Low Frequencies

Ionizing Radiation

Laser-Based Radiometry


Lighting Proficiency Testing

Mass and Force

Optical Properties of Materials

Optical Properties of Materials - Fluorescence

Photometry and Radiometry


Thermodynamics and Mass-Related Quantities

Time and Frequency



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Created August 31, 2015, Updated November 22, 2022