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Quality Certificates

Resolution JCRB/45-1 (March 2022)

The JCRB noted that the RMOs have progressed successfully with a mix of in-person, online and hybrid periodic reviews of quality management systems of the institutes in their regions. The JCRB encouraged the RMOs to further develop these review routes and keep to the 5-year review period. Exceptionally, where this is not possible, they may extend the validity of these QMSs subject to a case-by-case evaluation by the RMO concerned. This extension of validity shall be for a period not exceeding one year. The power to grant such extensions will be re-evaluated at the time of the 46th meeting of the JCRB.

Meetings of the SIM Quality System Task Force, where the quality systems of the National Metrology Institutes in the Americas and Caribbean are reviewed, are generally held during SIM Week (held between Sept and Nov) and at the mid- term (held between March and May). 

For example, fall meetings were scheduled in September 2018 and this year, 2023, the meetings are scheduled in November.  New certificates are not re-issued for this interim period, nor should it be considered that the quality management system is lapsed.


Acoustics and Vibration

Chemistry and Biology

Electromagnetics at High Frequencies

Electromagnetics at Low Frequencies


Ionizing Radiation

Laser-Based Radiometry


Lighting Proficiency Testing

Mass and Force

Optical Properties of Materials

Optical Properties of Materials - Fluorescence

Photometry and Radiometry

Reference Materials

Thermodynamics and Mass-Related Quantities

Time and Frequency



For questions about the contents on the page, contact Sally Bruce, NIST Quality Manager.

Created August 31, 2015, Updated February 7, 2024