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OWM Welcomes State Laboratory Metrologists as NIST Associates

NIST OWM is pleased to welcome Lisa Corn and Kate Smetana as new NIST Associates in the Laboratory Metrology Program.

Lisa Corn serves as Laboratory Manager for the Texas Department of Agriculture’s Giddings Metrology Laboratory. Lisa brings over 15 years of laboratory metrology experience initially as a metrology laboratory technician and now through supervising laboratory staff, operations, and responsibility for providing SI traceable measurement results for the mass and volume metrology services across Texas.

Kate Smetana is a Metrologist and Quality Manager for the Colorado Metrology Laboratory. Kate also brings with her over 15 years of laboratory metrology experience including a significant role in designing Colorado’s new laboratory facility and increasing their laboratory's scope of accreditation to include Echelon I calibration services.

Both Lisa and Kate are leaders among their state metrology peers and serve as co-Chairs for the Community for All Laboratory Metrologists (CALM) forum. In addition to serving as instructors for our Laboratory Metrology program’s webinars and seminars, they will be assisting OWM with communications and coordination of technical engagement activities across the state laboratory metrology programs.

Lisa Corn Headshot
Lisa Corn
Kate Smetana Headshot
Kate Smetana
Released January 3, 2024, Updated February 1, 2024