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Make a Difference by Celebrating Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week!

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Make a Difference!

Help Celebrate

Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week 

October 18-23, 2021

 Everyone can make a difference during Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week and throughout the year. There are many ways to promote careers in cybersecurity whether you have a minute, an hour, a day or an entire week. An activity can be as simple as hosting coffee hour for a few colleagues or as complex as organizing a company-wide competition. The main ingredient is bringing people together to celebrate and have fun.


Help inspire, engage, and inform the public about the demand, opportunities, and multiple career options available within the area of cybersecurity. Check out ways you can participate and support awareness about cybersecurity careers on social media, at home, at work or school, and in the community.

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What you like about your cybersecurity job or how you are celebrating cybersecurity career awareness week. Use the hashtags #mycyberjob and #cybercareerweek on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites. 

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Share your story. Visit a classroom or after school club. Host a career talk for employees or co-workers. Host a training or professional development activity for educators or host a local or virtual event or training for your organization, school, or community to discuss awareness about cybersecurity careers.

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Host  an office-wide cybersecurity related activity, ice breaker, game, or competition. Visit the Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week website for suggestions and resources.

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Invite a speaker to share with your classroom or club, or have students engage in one or more CyberSnack activities or lesson plans.

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Examine cybersecurity's impact on society through resources available in your neighborhood or community. 

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Bring your future cybersecurity worker to workday, host a business open-house, or provide a virtual tour.

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Encourage your cybersecurity employees or colleagues to sign up for trainings or to compete in a competition. 

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Hold a family “career talk” to discuss careers in cybersecurity, different pathways, and different opportunities. Have the family play a card game, board game, or online game, or watch a cybersecurity themed movie and discuss “what’s realistic” afterwards

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Visit to explore what cybersecurity job openings and job titles are in highest demand in your state, region, or throughout the U.S., visit to examine the Australian job market or read the ISACA State of Cybersecurity 2021 Global Update on Workforce Report to learn more about the global need for cybersecurity workers. Explore the demand for cybersecurity practitioners and the wide range of work roles, career options, and pathways to enter the field.

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Help make Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week a success! Visit our website to see what tools and resources you can use to help promote the week-long effort to your connections.

For more information, visit

Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week is led by the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education at the National Institute of Standards and Technology

Released July 29, 2021