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The NIST Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology Launches Updated NanoFab Website

The Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology (CNST), NIST's nanotechnology user facility, is pleased to announce a major update to the NanoFab website. The shared-use NanoFab gives researchers economical access to and training on a state-of-the-art tool set for cutting-edge nanotechnology development. The simple application process is designed to get researchers into the NanoFab in a few weeks.

The updated website includes significant new content describing how to apply for and work in the NanoFab, status information and news, a FAQ, and a complete redesign of the site's navigation.

Along with the new site, the NanoFab is introducing a new NanoFab Project Application. The single application, to be used by all applicants (from both inside and outside NIST), includes a simplified format designed to efficiently collect only the information required for the CNST to identify the project's participants and evaluate the project's technical feasibility and merit. In addition to guidance provided on how to complete the application, a selection of fictional examples are available that illustrate the nature and scope of the information required.

Over the coming months, we will continue to improve the website, updating and enhancing the information provided about the tools and processes available in the NanoFab.

To provide us with feedback about the website, or to learn more about the NanoFab, please contact the nanofabuseroffice [at] (NanoFab User Office).

Released October 28, 2013, Updated January 17, 2023