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TEDCO/TCM Tech Transfer Showcase: Opening Doors to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Nanoelectronics, Nanofabrication, and Nanometrology Technologies

On Tuesday, April 8, 2008, NIST presented some of its novel technologies developed at the NIST Labs in the nanoelectronics, nanofabrication, and nanometrology technologies. Slides and videos of the day's presentations are available on this page.

The technology showcase was intended to introduce the audience to the technical services, technologies, advanced user-facilities, and collaborative research opportunities at the National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST), a key component of the nation's infrastructure for innovation. The topic of this showcase event is Nanoelectronics, Nanofabrication and Nanometrology.

The pursuit of nanotechnology - chips, sensors, pumps, gears, lasers, novel materials, and an unending assortment of other useful "things" with features on the scale between one-billionth of a meter (about 10 hydrogen atoms across) and 100-billionths of a meter - is driving science and engineering to extremes. At NIST, the quest to design, manipulate, manufacture, and assemble at the molecular and atomic levels translates into delivering on measurement needs. NIST laboratories strive to develop and deliver timely measurements, standards, and infrastructural technologies that address critical U.S. industry and other government agency needs for innovation and traceable metrology, process-control and quality in manufacturing at the nanoscale.

Tech Transfer Showcase Presentations

How to Work with NIST

Promoting U.S. Innovation and Industrial Competitiveness
Dr. George Arnold, Deputy Director, Technology Services
View Presentation / View Video

Technology Innovation Program
Marc Stanley, Director, Technology Innovation Program
View Presentation / View Video

Manufacturing Extension Partnership
Roger Kilmer, Director, Manufacturing Extension Partnership
View Presentation / View Video

Paul Zielinski, Chief, Office of Technology Partnerships
View Presentation / View Video

Sampling of Nanotechnology Research at NIST

Nanotechnology Research and Development at NIST
Dr. Robert Celotta, Director for Nanoscale Science and Technology
View Presentation / View Video

Nanotechnology in Building and Construction
Dr. Joannie W. Chin, Leader, Polymeric Materials Group
View Presentation / View Video

Technical Session 1

Self-Assembled Monolayer Based Silver Switches
Dr. Jim Kushmerick
View Presentation / View Video

  • Low cost nanoscale switches with ~ 25 nm2 device area
  • Huge on off ratio and over a million cycles to device failure

Solution Processed Titanium Dioxide Memory Devices on Flexible Plastic Surfaces
Dr. Nadine Gergel-Hackett
View Presentation / View Video

  • Electronic memory on inexpensive flexible plastic sheets.
  • Reduces expense, weight and required power
  • Applications for sensors, cameras, electronic paper and flexible displays

Superconformal Film Growth for ULSI and MEMS
Dr. Tom Moffat
View Presentation / View Video

  • Nanomaterial films
  • Build interconnected 3D structures that integrate with CMOS (complimentary metal oxide semiconductors and MEMS
  • New avenues for device manufacture

Advanced Materials for Spin-Based Electronic
Dr. Joshua Pomeroy
View Presentation / View Video

  • Combination of Materials for products with new properties
  • Applications for hard drives and hard drive sensors

Centrifugal Length Sorting of Carbon Nanotubes
Dr. Jeffrey Fagan
View Presentation / View Video

  • Nanotubes come in many lengths
  • Sorting allows access to improved properties and the ability to provide different grades of material
  • Cells respond differently depending on the nanotube size
  • Applications include conductive coatings, ultra-capacitors, flexible electronics, solar cells, medical sensors and batteries.

Grit Shear Length Sorting of Nanotubes
Dr. John Marino
View Presentation / View Video

  • Combines processing & separation steps to reduce time and material cost.
  • Employs 'green' aqueous chemistries, are closed-cycle, and generate minimal waste
  • Technically and economically adaptable for large scale manufacturing.

Technical Session 2

Single Molecule Mass Spectrometry Using a Nanopore
Dr. John Kasianowicz
View Presentation / View Video

  • High throughput screening of therapeutic agents against biowarfare agents (e.g. anthrax)
  • Single molecule mass spectrometry of unlabeled particles in solution
  • Health care and systems biology applications

Characterization of Delivery Systems for Nanomedicine
Dr. John Dagata
View Presentation / View Video

  • Optimize formulation of nanoparticle delivery systems during drug discovery and development
  • Assure manufacturability and potency in clinical trials.

Novel Fabrication Methods for Functional Nanostructures
Dr. John Dagata
View Presentation / View Video

  • Applications for nanoelectronics and nanomechanics
  • Photonic wave guides
  • Biochips
  • Fabrication of MRI phantoms

Scatterfield Imaging
Dr. Rick Silver
View Presentation / View Video

  • Optical methods to determine feature size/dimensions for structures as small as 10 nm in size and pitch values below 100 nm using light in range of 193 nm to 400 nm.
  • Advances in instrument design/alignment enabling significant progress in experiment-to-theory agreement for measurements on features 1/20th the wavelength in size.
  • Sophisticated engineering of illumination fields combined with physics-based electromagnetic scattering simulations to analyze data.

Orthogonal Tracking Microsope
Dr. Alex Liddle
View Presentation / View Video

  • Reduction of the problem of 3D tracking of particles to the problem of 2D tracking twice
  • Greater accuracy of images
  • Application to self-assembly of nanostructures

Special Presentation:
Nanofabrication User Facilities

Dr. Alex Liddle
View Presentation / View Video

The presentations on this page are in PPT format and require the Microsoft Powerpoint Viewer to view and print. This software may be downloaded without charge. If the Powerpoint Readers is not accessible, you may request a paper copy from the Webmaster. Videos are in Windows Media Player format. A listing of open source programs for viewing these videos may be found at

Released April 10, 2008, Updated September 21, 2016