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SP 800-90B Entropy Source Validation Workshop

The workshop covers topics on the validation of entropy sources conforming to NIST SP 800-90B, with the goal of helping the community design and test entropy sources and prepare reports for submission.  The authors of SP 800-90B and members of the Cryptographic Module Validation Program (CMVP) from NIST and CCCS will present on data collection, heuristic and mathematical modeling of noise sources, current status of the SP 800-90 series, vendor-defined health tests, observations from our pre-review process and other topics of interest.  NIST will demonstrate the Entropy Source Validation Test System (ESVTS) and talk about the planned separate Entropy Source Validation scope.  We will also have panel and Q & A sessions.  Each day consists of two, two-hour sessions with a half hour break at 12 noon EDT (UTC-4:00) in the middle.  The workshop will be of interest to NVLAP-accredited Cryptographic Security Testing (CST) laboratories, vendors of entropy sources and modules that incorporate entropy sources, validation authorities who reference FIPS 140-2/FIPS 140-3 module certificates and other interested parties.  Talks and panels will be recorded and publicly available with closed captioning after the event.

Agenda Coming Soon! 

Created March 1, 2021, Updated April 14, 2021