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5590: Vehicle-Tank Meters and Loading-Rack Meters

At the end of this course, participants will be able to conduct an official inspection and test of vehicle-tank and loading-rack meters using the NIST Examination Procedure Outlines for these devices and the current edition of NIST Handbook 44. Students will participate in presentations regarding meter design, operation, and installation and will learn how to calculate and apply corrections to test results to account for the effects of temperature on metered product and proving equipment. This class includes a combination of classroom lecture, participant-centered exercises, and practical application of the material in a field exercise. This course includes a written “pre-examination” and a written final examination. In order to be able to independently apply the material taught in this class and attain a proficiency with the material, students must supplement this course with ongoing, practical experience under the close supervision of more experienced officials or service personnel until full competence is demonstrated.

Learning Objectives:

After the completion of this course, using your references and notes, you will be able to:

  • Describe the requirements specified in NIST Handbook 44 for VTMs and LRMs;
  • Describe the components of an inspection of VTMs and LRMs;
  • Describe the major functional components of typical VTMs and LRMs;
  • Describe the operation of a positive-displacement metering system;
  • List three types of tolerances used when testing VTMs and LRMs.
  • Apply the correct applicable tolerance to a VTM and an LRM under test;
  • Describe how to select the proper size test draft for a VTM and an LRM test;
  • Name three items that will increase your safety when testing a VTM and an LRM;
  • List five items of basic equipment used when testing VTMs and LRMs;
  • Describe the proper procedures for setting up, reading, and draining provers;
  • List and describe the minimum tests and examination procedures to be performed when testing VTMs and LRMs and describe the purpose of each type of test;
  • Explain and apply corrections to account for changes in temperature during testing of VTMs and LRMs;
  • Identify three key reasons why report forms are important;
  • List the three “categories of devices” relative to sealing and describe the corresponding required methods for sealing each category;
  • List the two basic types of metrological parameters that must be sealed.
  • Describe the tasks that must be completed following the inspection and testing of VTMs and LRMs.

Materials & Supplies:

Participants will be provided with a course manual, and a copy of the current NIST Handbook 44.


Participants must have completed the NIST Handbook-44 Self Study course found at: Legal Devices - Training Materials.



Minimum Requirement(s):

Successful completion of the class requires a passing grade on the final examination as well as attendance and participation in all classroom lectures and practical exercises.


State weights and measures officials. Industry by invitation only.


NIST does not assess a registration fee for this training. However, the host is assessing a registration fee (payable to the host) to defray costs associated with hosting the event. Participants are responsible for their travel, lodging and meal expenses.


Tina Butcher
Phone: 301 - 975 - 2196
Email: tina.butcher [at] (tina[dot]butcher[at]nist[dot]gov)

Technology Requirement(s):

Participants MUST bring a calculator with at least basic, 4-function capability. Cell phone calculators are not recommended. Participants may also bring laptops; however, laptops are not required for the class.


Kansas Department of Agriculture, Division of Weights & Measures

Springhill Suites,
One Riverfront Plaza,
Lawrence, Kansas 66044

Hotel Guest Room
Reservation Deadline: May 10, 2019
Room Rate - $94 + tax *Includes Breakfast*
Hotel Reservations: Phone: (785) 841-2700
Group Name: “NIST VTM Training Seminar"
Group Code: “NVTNVTQ”
Check In: 3:00 PM
Check Out: 12:00 PM
Free parking - Free Wi-Fi - Business Center - Pool - Fitness Center - Free Breakfast - Several restaurants in area

Created April 12, 2019, Updated April 17, 2019