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5491: Dimensional Metrology Hands-on Workshop

The basic principles of dimensional metrology are the same for nearly every calibration made in typical labs. This 3 day workshop teaches these principles through guided hands-on characterization of the most typical dimensional measurement instrument, the Universal Length Measuring Machine.

Learning Objectives:

Topics Covered: uncertainty budgets; thermal effects; scale calibration with gage blocks, cylinders and rings; elastic deformation and calibration of contact forces; gage and contact geometry effects; measurements of sub-pitch interpolation errors in the encoder system; R&R on end standards, cylinders, and ring gages; other things we think of; and, of course, you can suggest any other topic of interest.

Materials & Supplies:

Not applicable.


There are no prerequisites for this seminar.


This hands-on seminar is focused on Calibration Technicians, Calibration Managers, and Quality Managers for Dimensional Measurements.


The registration fee for this training will be $625. Payment instructions form (DOCX).


Theodore Doiron

Technology Requirement(s):



National Institute of Standards and Technology

Created January 12, 2017, Updated February 8, 2017