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5466: Western Regional Assurance Program (WRAP)

This is an annual training session for metrologists from Western Regional Assurance Program (WRAP). NIST Handbook 143, Section 5.2, Table 2 notes that annual attendance at the RMAP training session is required for ongoing laboratory Recognition for State Weights and Measures laboratories. Handbook 143, Program Handbook details the criteria used for OWM Laboratory Recognition. In addition, participation in ongoing RMAP proficiency tests (PTs) through OWM requires completion of training requirements to the designated level and attendance at the annual RMAP training sessions for all participants.

Learning Objectives:

See the detailed objectives that are provided for each module. Overall, the learning objectives are developed to enable metrologists to implement best practices into their laboratory program and share concepts with others in their laboratory who are unable to attend the training.

Materials & Supplies:

Reference USB drives and notebooks to be provided.


None required.


  • Bring laboratory safety manual and latest safety assessment;
  • Bring all laboratory control charts (electronically) and example problematic data for group activities;
  • Read SOP 33 and SOP 21 and review laboratory implementation where applicable for procedure compliance (make notes of differences and any recommended changes).

Pre-Work Deadline:

Prior to the training.


Not applicable.

Post-Work Deadline:

Not applicable.

Minimum Requirement(s):

Successful completion requires full attendance, participation in group activities, and familiarity with laboratory recognition/accreditation requirements in ISO/IEC 17025, and having required laboratory documents on‐hand at the RMAP event for activities and case studies that are noted with applicable topics to obtain a training certificate. Be especially careful to note the documents that are requested to be submitted in advance and/or brought to the training! Electronic versions are acceptable, but reliance on WiFi availability is discouraged.


**Regional Measurement Assurance Program "MEMBERS" (State and Industry RMAP member laboratories).


TWO registrations are required for each event (first with OWM and second with the local host).

  1. The OWM Contacts System is used to generate attendee registration lists, name tags/tent cards, adequate training materials, and training certificates. The registration list is shared with each host.
  2. The WRAP meeting will not have a registration fee.


Georgia Harris and Val Miller
Office of Weights and Measures
Phone: (301) 975 - 4014
Email: g.harris [at] (g[dot]harris[at]nist[dot]gov)

Technology Requirement(s):

Participants need to bring a laptop computer and all applicable laboratory files for hands-on activities and review of resources that will be used during training.


NIST Office of Weights and Measures
Montana Department of Labor & Industry

Best Western
835 Great Northern Boulevard
Helena, Montana 59601

Phone: (406) 457-5500


Airport courtesy shuttle available, 24-hours, to and from Helena Regional Airport.

Created November 23, 2016, Updated January 31, 2017