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5463: Medium-Capacity Scales

This 2-1/2 day seminar will teach students how to properly inspect and test medium capacity scales. That is, perform an official examination by properly applying all applicable NIST Handbook 44 requirements. The sessions will include formal lecture, class discussion, group exercises, audio-visual presentations, and some hands-on practice.

Learning Objectives:

Alter completing this training, you will be able to:

  • UNDERSTAND the basic design of medium-capacity scales and some special features of the scales.
  • LOCATE references for legal and technical requirements of device inspection.
  • DETERMINE equipment needed for scale examinations
  • APPLY Handbook 44 requirements relating to medium capacity scales that are applicable in field examinations.
  • IDENTIFY and DESCRIBE items related to scale design, installation, and operation that must be checked during the inspection phase
  • DETERMINE correct tolerance application for both Marked and Unmarked devices
  • DETERMINE the maximum test load to be applied during the test.
  • Understand the correct use of error weights
  • DESCRIBE and DEMONSTRATE procedures for conducting the various tests prescribed in EPO 7

Materials & Supplies:

Notebooks and class materials will be provided.


Students must have completed the NIST Handbook-44 Self Study course.


Complete the NIST Handbook-44 Self Study course



Minimum Requirement(s):

To receive a Certificate of Successful Completion, students must be in attendance for the entire class and actively participate in all class activities. You will be assessed on your application of all learning objectives for this course.


Weights and measures officials. Industry by invitation only.


To register for the training, participants must register online through the NIST website AND submit a registration form to the CWMA. Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Request the class through the NIST Contacts System. If you do not already have a profile, you will need to create one before you can request the training.
  2. Submit nist-cwma_training_registration.pdfand payment to CWMA


John Barton
Office of Weights and Measures
Phone: 301-975-4002
Email: john.barton [at] (john[dot]barton[at]nist[dot]gov)

Technology Requirement(s):

Students may bring a calculator to class.


NIST / Office of Weights and Measures
Nebraska Department of Agriculture - Weights & Measures

Created August 24, 2016, Updated November 17, 2017