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Body Armor and Related Materials

Body Armor and Related Materials

Collage showing micrographs of high strength polymeric filaments and yarns used to construct textiles (woven in the photo). Multiple plies of textiles are typically combined into armor panels that afford ballistic protection to protective vests, such as body armor.

The motivation for research activities is often due to some combination of needs that were identified through observations of fielded armor performance, development of new materials and armor structures, knowledge that operational environments are changing, and periodic examination of test methodologies.  Current and recent research activities include:


Kirk Rice

Michael Riley

Amanda Forster

Ran Tao

Customers/Contributors/ Collaborators

National Institute of Justice

Department of Defense

Standards Coordination Office at NIST

ASTM International

Related NIST Projects

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Structure-Property Relationships

Links between mechanical properties and system performance

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Understanding Long Term Stability of High Strength Fibers Used in Body Armor

Characterization of ballistic witness materials (BWM)


Created October 19, 2017, Updated August 15, 2023