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Agenda and Presentations

Presentations will be added as they become available

Welcome and Overview of Forensic Science at NIST

Rich Cavanagh, Director, Office of Special Programs, NIST


Jayne Morrow, NIST; Margaret Warner, CDC

Emerging and Historical Challenges in MDI Toxicological Testing

David Fowler, President of National Association of Medical Examiners

Emerging Trends in Synthetic Drug Detection

Sherri Kacinko, Forensic Toxicologist, NMS Labs

Background on MDI Toxicological Testing Issues: MDI Perspective

John Fudenberg, Clark County Nevada, Chair, OSAC Subcommittee on MDI

Background on MDI Toxicological Testing Issues: Forensic Toxicology Perspective(PDF)

Marc Lebeau, FBI, Chair, OSAC Subcommittee on Toxicology

Panel on Analytical Tools: Now and emerging


Emerging analytes of interest for MDI(PDF)

Robert Johnson, Chief Toxicologist Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office in Fort Worth

Low level analytes and reducing the time to detection in forensic toxicology analysis(PDF)

Madeline Montgomery, FBI, Detection challenges

Predicting metabolites- emerging synthetic drugs and other metabolites, procuring or synthesizing challenges

Shawn Vorce, Technical Director, Chesapeake Toxicology Resources



Challenges in interpreting analytical results for MDI and variation for toxicology assessment in death certification(PDF)

Greg Davis, Director of Forensic Division, University of Alabama

Panel Discussion on MDI Toxicology Capability Building


Decision Tree Support or opportunities to support toxicological testing with statistical methods and/or predictive capacity

Scott Larson, Toxicology Supervisor, Forensic Science Division, Montana DOJ

A Community/State System That Works Well to Connect Seized Materials and MDI/Tox (PDF)

Juan Colon, New Jersey State Police, Bureau Chief Information & Intelligence Support Bureau, Office of the Regional Operations Intelligence Center, New Jersey

An Overview of the National Drug Early Warning System

Moira O’Brien, National Institute on Drug Abuse

Top Challenges and Emerging Opportunities


Overview of Forensic Science Policy Efforts

Eleanor Celeste, Policy Analyst, Medical and Forensic Science, OSTP

Apparent Needs and Possible Solutions(PDF)

Victor Weedn, Senior Forensic Advisor to the Deputy Attorney General, DOJ

Created November 4, 2016, Updated November 9, 2016