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NRC Post-doctoral Research Fellowship Opportunities for the Complex Microbial Systems Group

We encourage recent PhDs to join our team through postdoctoral fellowships with the National Research Council (NRC) Research Associateship Programs. There is a competitive application process that awards funding based on the merits of an original research proposal, your academic background, and references.

As a postdoctoral fellow in the CMSG, you will have the opportunity to conduct your own research while collaborating with other NIST scientists on a variety of microbiology-related projects.

If you are interested, please contact us and we will have a meeting to introduce our team, discuss our ongoing research, and see if your ideas would be a good match.

Instructions can be found here.

Base Stipend: $74,950 + $3000 travel

Research Title RO # Advisor(s)
Metrology for Microbial Community Dynamics 50.64.41.B7369 Samuel Forry, Scott Jackson
Microbial “Dark Matter” 50.64.41.B8206 Samuel Forry
Measuring Horizontal Gene Transfer (HGT) 50.64.41.B8208 Samuel Forry
Tools to Predict the Emergence and Spread of Anti-Microbial Resistance 50.64.41.B8229 Jason Kralj
Rapid Pathogen Detection 50.64.41.B8352 Jason Kralj
Mixed Pathogen Detection 50.64.41.B8353 Jason Kralj
Engineering Complex Microbial Ecosystems 50.64.41.B8375 Samuel ForryScott Jackson
Measuring Microbial Interaction Networks within Microbiomes 50.64.41.C0622 Samuel ForryScott Jackson


Current & Former Post-doctoral Fellows

Lisa Stabryla
Nadratun Chowdhury
Ishi Keenum

Stephanie Servetas (2018-2020, NIST Microbiologist)
Heidi Leonard (2018-2020, Director of R&D for Potomac Photonics, Inc.)

Created June 9, 2023