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Staff Directory

Experimental Properties of Fluids Staff Directory

Thomas J. Bruno, Group Leader


Anitescu, Gheorgh, Dr. 303-497-5522

Bruno, Thomas J., Dr. 303-497-5158

Burger, Jessica, Dr. 303-497-3716

Fortin, Tara J., Dr. 303-497-3522

Gomez, Robert M. 303-497-5617

Hsieh, Peter Y., Dr. 303-497-5522

Laesecke, Arno, Dr. 303-497-3197

Lovestead, Tara, Dr. 303-497-5614

Mansfield, Elisabeth 303-497-6405

McLinden, Mark O., Dr. 303-497-3580

Outcalt, Stephanie L 303-497-5786

Perkins, Richard A., Dr. 303-497-5499

Rybowiak, Michael C. 303-497-4243

Widegren, Jason, Dr. 303-497-5207


PREP: Professional Research Experience Program
SURF: Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship
CBL: Clare Boothe Luce Fellowship
SHIP: Summer High School Intern Program

Created December 9, 2010, Updated September 9, 2016