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Michael Rybowiak

Michael C. Rybowiak


Mr. Rybowiak has been an Engineering Technician in the Experimental Properties of Fluids Group of the Thermophysical Properties Division at NIST, Boulder. He attended Metropolitan State College in Denver for one year, where he studied astronomy and archaeology, before taking up his apprenticeship as a machinist. He fulfilled his four year apprenticeship while employed at Wright and McGill of Denver. He then moved to Lowrey Air Force Base in Denver as a machinist.

He has been at NIST since 1988, where he is an integral part of the experimental research work. He is responsible for most of the fabrication of the unique, state-of-the-art instrumentation that is developed in the Experimental Properties of Fluids Group. He is an expert on the operation of all CNC machine tools and design software, including electrical discharge machining (EDM). His contributions to our program have been recognized by his co-authorship of publications and patents, and by awards. A few of the novel devices he has made are shown here. Mike enjoys all kinds of outdoor activities: camping, fishing, dirt biking and gardening. If he had his way, Mike would be out fishing every day of the year.

Created February 15, 2011, Updated September 21, 2016