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National Programs

Division 483

Jyoti Malhotra

Jyoti Malhotra, Chief

jyoti.malhotra [at] nist.govclass="spamspan"
(301) 975-5140



Male Avatar

Carol Shibley
(483, 486)

carol.shibley [at]
(301) 975-8302




Industry 4.0

This division includes other MEP programs.

jcolucci photo

 Jose Colucci-Rios

jose.colucci-rios [at] nist.govclass="spamspan"
(301) 975-0413

ddevereux photo

Doug Devereaux

douglas.devereaux [at]
(301) 975-4744

Male Avatar

 Anthony Diaz
(On Detail with Outreach and External Affairs)

anthony.diaz [at] nist.govclass="spamspan"
(301) 975-2353


brian lagas

Brian Lagas

brian.lagas [at]
(301) 975-5043


Dimitrios Meritis

Dimitrios Meritis
(On Detail)

dimitrios.meritis [at] nist.govclass="spamspan"
(301) 975-8092

Celia Paulsen

Celia Paulsen
(On Detail)

celia.paulsen [at]
(301) 975-5981


Andrew Peterson

Andrew Peterson

andrew.peterson [at] nist.govclass="spamspan"
(301) 975-0472

Kim Pinckney

Kim Pinckney

kim.pinckney [at]
(301) 975-2920

Male Avatar

Michael Taylor

michael.taylor [at] nist.govclass="spamspan"
(301) 975-6638


Male Avatar

Marlon Walker

marlon.walker [at]
(301) 975-5593





For General Information

  • MEP Headquarters
    (301) 975-5020
    100 Bureau Drive, M/S 4800
    Gaithersburg, MD 20899-4800
Created November 6, 2022, Updated February 8, 2023