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Tools and Instruments

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Gas Flow Standards

NIST uses pressure, volume, temperature, and time ( PVTt) standards to calibrate gas flow meters. PVTt flow standards generate selected, steady gas flows

Liquid Density

The Fluid Metrology Group developed a dual-purpose, automated apparatus to calibrate hydrometers via Cuckow’s method and to also measure the density of

Liquid Flow Standards

The Fluid Metrology Group has four liquid flow standards spanning the flow range 0.002 L/s to 65 L/s with uncertainties less than 0.06 % at a 95 % confidence

Transient Gas Flow Facility

A compressor is used to pressurize up to twenty-five 40 L gas cylinders to 35 MPa. The cylinders can then be used as a source of rapidly changing gas flow by

Wind Tunnel

NIST’s wind tunnel can produce air speeds between 0.15 m/s and 40 m/s. The air speed reference is a Laser Doppler Anemometer (LDA) with an uncertainty of 2.5 %