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NanoFab Tool: GnP 412S, Post-CMP Wafer Cleaner

Post-CMP Wafer Cleaner

Photo of the Post-CMP Wafer Cleaner

Credit: NIST

This tool removes the particulate residues resulting after wafer polishing using the CMP. These particles are typically a few tens of nanometers in size. The tool uses chemistries specific to the materials polished, which are delivered through double-sided PVA brushes wiping the wafer. The last DI water rinse is delivered with megasonic agitation that completely washes away all the particles. The wafer is finally spin-dried.


  • Sample sizes: 100 mm, 150 mm and 200 mm in diameter wafers
  • Manual loading only, one wafer at a time
  • Megasonic agitation in the final rinse

Usage Information

Operating Instructions


Typical Applications

  • Post-CMP wafer cleaning
  • General wafer cleaning
Created April 10, 2019, Updated February 24, 2023