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NanoFab Tool: Ecopia Hall Effect Measurement System

Ecopia Hall Effect Measurement System

Image of Ecopia HMS-5500 Hall Effect measurement system

The HMS-5500 Hall Effect measurement system is used to measure electrical resistivity, carrier density, and mobility of semiconducting materials.  The system is easy to load and is fully automated.


  • Resistivity measurements: 10-4 to 107 Ohms-cm
  • Mobility measurements: 1 ~ 107 cm2/Volt-sec
  • Concentration: 107 ~ 1021 cm-3
  • 0.55T nominal magnetic flux density

Usage Information

Supported Sample Sizes

  • 5 x 5 mm up to 15 x 15 mm

Recommended Substrates/Restricted Materials

  • Semiconducting/None

Typical Applications

  • Measure carrier concentration
  • Measure mobilities and resistivity
Created March 22, 2017, Updated February 24, 2023