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NanoFab Tool: Denton Vacuum Infinity 22 Electron Beam and Thermal Evaporator


The Denton Vacuum Infinity 22 dual source evaporator uses a choice of either electron beam evaporation or resistive heating to vapor deposit thin films, providing users maximum flexibility during thin film deposition. The electron beam evaporator supports up to six source materials and the thermal evaporator supports up to two source materials. A rotating dome ensures deposition uniformity on substrates ranging from 150 mm diameter wafers down to small pieces.


  • Cryogenically pumped chamber has a base vacuum of 1.0 x 10-5 Pa (8 x 10-8 Torr).
  • Rotating dome provides uniform film deposition.
  • Rotating dome capacity: 4 whole wafers or piece carriers.
  • Six source electron gun evaporation.
  • Two source thermal evaporation.
  • Fully automatic or manual operation.
  • Multilayer deposition.
  • List of available electron gun evaporation sources: Ag, Al, Al-1%Si, Al2O3, Au, AuPd (60/40), B, Co, Cr, Cu, Fe, Ge, Graphite, In, MgO, Mo, Nb, Ni, Pd, Pt, Py, Si, SiO, SiO2, Ta, Ti, TiO2, W, Y, Zr
  • List of available thermal evaporation sources: Ag, Al, Au, Cu, Ni, Ti

Usage Information

Supported Sample Sizes

  • Maximum wafer diameter: 150 mm (6 in).
  • Wafer diameters: 50 mm (2 in), 75 mm (3 in), 100 mm (4 in), and 150 mm (6 in).
  • Small pieces supported: Yes.

Typical Applications

  • Metallization for electrical contacts.
  • Dielectrics.
  • Dry etch masks.
  • Lift-off processes.
  • Magnetic materials.
Created June 4, 2014, Updated February 24, 2023