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Color and appearance metrology facility

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The NIST Physical Measurement Laboratory has established the color and appearance metrology facility to support calibration services for 0°/45° colored samples, 20°, 60°, and 85° specular gloss samples, research in the colorimetric characterization of gonioapparent including a new standards for metallic coatings and calibrated photographic and x-ray step tablets.

Instruments and capabilities:

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Reference 0:45 reflectometer - The primary purpose of the 0:45 reflectometer is to disseminate color standards to the color and appearance community. The instrument...
Goniophotometer for specular gloss calibrations - Specular gloss is the perception by an observer of the mirror-like appearance of a surface. The measurement of specular gloss consists...
Five-axis goniometer for BRDF measurements - Manufacturers are creating pigments with new and unique appearance attributes. For example, gonioapparent materials such as metallic and...
Reference transmittance densiometer (RDT) - The Reference Transmission Densitometer (RTD) is the national reference instrument for standard diffuse visual transmittance density measurements...


Created February 5, 2010, Updated November 15, 2019