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Source Code Security Analyzers

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For our purposes, a source code security analyzer

  1. examines source code to
  2. detect and report weaknesses that can lead to security vulnerabilities.

They are one of the last lines of defense to eliminate software vulnerabilities during development or after deployment. A Source Code Security Analysis Tool Functional Specification is available.

Byte Code Scanners and Binary Code Scanners have similarities, but work at lower levels.

Some Instances 

DISCLAIMER: Certain trade names and company products are mentioned in the text or identified. In no case does such identification imply recommendation or endorsement by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), nor does it imply that the products are necessarily the best available for the purpose.

By selecting almost any of these links, you will be leaving NIST webspace. We provide these links because they may have information of interest to you. No inferences should be drawn because some sites are referenced, or not, from this page. There may be other web sites that are more appropriate for your purpose. NIST does not necessarily endorse the views expressed, or concur with the assertions presented on these sites. Further, NIST does not endorse any commercial products that may be mentioned on these sites.

Please contact us if you think something should be included. If it has all the characteristics of the tool, techniques, etc., we will be happy to add it. You can contact us at samate(at)nist

ToolLanguage(s)Avail.CCRFinds or Checks for      Updated      
ABASHBashfree String expansion errors, option insertion errors, and other weaknesses that may lead to security vulnerabilities.Mar 2012
ApexSec Security ConsolePL/SQL(Oracle Apex)Recx SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting, Access Control and Configuration issues within an Apex application Mar 2010
AppScanC, C++, Java, JSP, ASP.NET, C#, Perl, JavaScript, PHP, Python, etc.HCL Software coding errors, security vulnerabilities, design flaws, policy violations and offers remediation2019
AstréeCAbsInt Sound runtime error analyzer finds code defects and security vulnerabilities, e.g., out-of-bounds array indexing, null-pointer dereferences, dangling pointers, divide-by-zeros, buffer overflows, data races. Also checks coding guidelines like MISRA C/C++, SEI CERT C, CWE, and ISO/IEC TS 17961:2013.Mar 2018
AttackFlowJava, C#AttackFlow Authorization, authentication, session management, cryptographic issues, input validation, code quality, configuration, and other issuesJune 2017
BearerJavaScript, RubyBearer Map sensitive data flows and identify data security risks such as unauthorized data flow, missing encryption, unauthorized access, and more.Mar 2023
BOONCfree integer range analysis determines if an array can be indexed outside its boundsFeb 2005
BrakemanRuby on Railsfree and Brakeman Cross site scripting (XSS), SQL injection, Command injection, Unsafe file access, Unsafe mass assignment, Remote code execution, Cross site request forgery (CSRF), Authentication, File access, Open redirects, Session manipulation, etc.June 2017
CAST Application Intelligence Platform (AIP)ABAP, .NET, ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, .NET Frameworks, LINQ to Objects, LINQ to DataSets, C and C++, Visual C, IBM DB2 SQC/SQC++, Cobol ANSI 85, JCL z/OS, IMS/DB, CICS, Java JDK, Java Server Faces, JSP, Struts Framework, Hibernate, JPA, EJB, Spring IoC, WSDL, CDI, JavaScript, HTML, XHTML, ASP, Microsoft VB, IBM DB2, Oracle PL/SQL, Postgress, MS SQLCAST SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting (XSS), Input Validation, Insecure Cryptographic Storage, Information Leakage and Improper Error Handling, Data Access, API Abuse, EncapsulationMay 2017
C/C++test®C, C++Parasoft defects such as memory leaks, buffer issues, security issues and arithmetic issues, plus SQL injection, cross-site scripting, exposure of sensitive data and other potential issuesDec 2013
dotTEST™C#, VB.NET, MC++ 
CodeThreatC#, ASP.NET, Java, JSP, JavaScript, TypeScript, Android, C, C++, ColdFusion, XMLCodeThreat Finds vulnerabilities that could lead to impacts such as injection, XSS, code execution, authentication bypass, unauthorized data access, etc. Analyzes the root causes of these weaknesses, focusing on areas such as secure development practices, validation processes, configuration management, and cryptography, code quality, among others. Identifies security weaknesses across several standards including HIPAA, CWE, PCI DSS, OWASP Top 10, and ISO27001. Integration with CI/CD pipelines complements a robust DevSecOps strategy, and AI-powered features provide actionable insights with code fix suggestions and potential attack scenarios, helping developers remediate identified issues promptly.Nov 2023
CodeValorFortran, Java, C/C++, Ada, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, C#, GoLangSentar Checks for coding standard violations, undefined values, syntax violations, security vulnerabilities, including injection, overflow, dead code, race conditions, etc. Ability to correlate scan findings to CWEs and STIGs. Provides a report generation capability that produces a summary style report as well as an exportable POA&M Excel file. Approved for DoD Platform One Iron Bank and can be run on-premises or in a cloud/virtual environment. Findings can be filtered and sorted by impact rating, file name, and CWE. supports repositories from GitHub, GitLab, and BitBucket. CI/CD pipeline integration.Feb 2023
CxSASTJava, JavaScript, PHP, C#, VB.NET, VB6, ASP.NET, C/C++, Apex, Ruby, Perl, Objective-C, Python, Groovy, HTML5, Swift, APEX, J2SE, J2EECheckmarx All OWASP Top 10 and SANS 25 vulnerabilities and compliance with PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and MISRA requirements along with custom queries, all with a low rate of false-positives and easy to integrate throughout the SDLC.Mar 2016
Clang Static AnalyzerC, Objective-Cfree Resports dead stores, memory leaks, null pointer deref, and more. Uses source annotations like "nonnull".Aug 2010
Closure CompilerJavaScriptfree Removes dead code, checks syntax, variable references and types and warns about common JavaScript pitfalls.Feb 2014
CodigaApex, C, C++, C#, Dart, Docker, Go, Java, Javascript, Kotlin, PHP, Python, Ruby, Scala, shellscript, Terraform, Typescript, YAMLfree and Codiga Checks for security, safety, design, performance, documentation issues in the code. Combines and tunes output from multiple static analysis tools. Checks that the developer uses best practices, computes code quality measures and technical debt. Integrates into CI/CD and code repositories.Dec 2021
CodeCenterCICS incorrect pointer values, illegal array indices, bad function arguments, type mismatches, and uninitialized variablesApr 2011
CodePeerAdaAdaCore detects uninitialized data, pointer misuse, buffer overflow, numeric overflow, division by zero, dead code, concurrency faults (race conditions), unused variables, etc.Apr 2010
CodeSecureASP.NET, C#, PHP, Java, JSP, VB.NET, othersArmorize Technologies XSS, SQL Injection, Command Injection, tainted data flow, etc.Aug 2012
CodeSonarC/C++, C#, Java, AndroidCodeSecure Data Races, Deadlocks, Thread Starvation, Buffer Overruns, Buffer Overflow, Leaks, Null Pointer Dereferences, Divide By Zero, Use After Free, Free of Non-Heap Variables, Uninitialized Variables, Returns of Pointers to Local, Returns of Pointers to Free, Free of Null Pointer, Unreachable Code, Try-locks that Cannot Succeed, Misuse of Memory Allocation, Misuse of Memory Copying, Misuse of Libraries, Command Injection, User-Defined Bug Classes, Runtime Error, Double Free, etc.Feb 2024
CoverityC/C++, C#, Java, Apex, CUDA, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, PHP, Go, Ruby, Swift, Fortran, Kotlin, and othersSynopsys Identifies a wide variety of software quality defects and security vulnerabilities including comprehensive OWASP Top 10 and CWE Top 25 coverage, hardcoded secrets detection, unsafe data handling, race conditions, injection vulnerabilities, and resource leaks. Runs in CI/CD, IDE or build environment. MISRA, CERT and AUTOSAR support.Apr 2023
CppcheckC, C++free pointer to a variable that goes out of scope, bounds, classes (missing constructors, unused private functions, etc.), exception safety, memory leaks, invalid STL usage, overlapping data in sprintf, division by zero, null pointer dereference, unused struct member, passing parameter by value, etc. Aims for no false positives.Feb 2010
CQualCfree User-defined types extend the C type system with type qualifiers to perform a taint analysis.Feb 2005
Credential DiggerAny source codeSAP Identifies hardcoded credentials (Passwords, API Keys, Secret Keys, Tokens, personal information, etc.), filtering false positives using its open-source machine learning model (Password Model).Mar 2023
CsurCfree cryptographic protocol-related vulnerabilitiesApr 2006
DeepSourceGo, Python, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, SQL, Shell, Docker, Terraformfree and DeepSource Corp. All OWASP Top 10 security issues, hard-coded credentials, bug risks, anti-patterns, performance, and other issue categories. Integrates with GitHub and other code repositories. Integrates reports from test coverage tools.June 2021
DefenseCode ThunderScanC#, Java, PHP, ASP, VB.Net, Visual Basic, VBScript, Python, Ruby, Javascript, Node.js, Android Java, IOS Objective C, PL/SQL, C, C++, ColdFusion, Typescript, Groovy, Cobol, Go, SAP/ABAP, ASP.Net, SQL and HTMLDefenseCode More than 60 vulnerability types, including SQL injection, XPATH injection, file disclosure, mail relay, page inclusion, dangerous configuration settings, code injection, dangerous file extensions, shell command execution, dangerous functions, cross site scripting, arbitrary server connection, weak encryption, HTTP response splitting, information leaks, LDAP injection.December 2020
DerScannerJava, Java for Android, JavaScript, JSP, TypeScript, VBScript, Scala, HTML5, PHP, Python, Groovy, Kotlin, Go, Ruby, С#, C/C++, Objective-C, Swift, ABAP, Apex, Solidity, Vyper, PL/SQL, T-SQL, Visual Basic 6.0, Delphi, COBOL, 1С, VBA, ASP.NET, Perl, RustDerSecur Ltd. DerScanner is a static app code analyzer capable of identifying vulnerabilities and backdoors (undocumented features). Its distinctive feature is the ability to analyze not only source code, but also executables (i.e. binaries). Aims to detect almost all known defects leading to vulnerabilities.June 2020
DlintPythonfree Checks for poor coding practices and security issues.Nov 2019
DoubleCheckC, C++Green Hills Software like buffer overflows, resource leaks, invalid pointer references, and violations of ... MISRAJul 2007
EnlightnPHP, Laravelfree SQL injection, mass assignment, Cross-site scripting (XSS), Cookie and session security, CSRF, unrestricted file uploads, directory traversal, open redirection, command injection, object injection, host injection, eval code injection, extract variable hijacking, security headers, app debug mode, encryption, authentication and vulnerable dependency scanningJan 2021
FindBugsJava, Groovy, Scalafree Null pointer deferences, synchronization errors, vulnerabilities to malicious code, etc. It can be used to analyse any JVM languages.  The last version of FindBugs was released in March 2015 (In contrast, SpotBugs is being actively developed).Mar 2019
FindSecurityBugsJava, Groovy, Scala, Android appsfree Extends SpotBugs with more security detectors (Command Injection, XPath Injection, SQL/HQL Injection, Cryptography weakness and many more). Mar 2019
FlawfinderC/C++free uses of risky functions, buffer overflow (strcpy()), format string ([v][f]printf()), race conditions (access(), chown(), and mktemp()), shell metacharacters (exec()), and poor random numbers (random()).2005
FlawnterC/C++, C#, Java, Javascript, NodeJS, PHP, Kotlin, Golang, Python, Perl, Ruby, Objective-C, Swift, SAP ABAPCyberTest Code Execution (RCE, ACE and more), Injection (SQL, XML, LOG and more), Cross-Site Scripting (Reflected and Stored), Buffer Over-read/Over-run/overflow, Security Misconfiguration, Sensitive Data Exposure, Insufficient Cryptography, Insecure Communication, Broken Access Control, Broken Authentication, Hard Coded Passwords, Incorrect Function Usage, Path Traversal Attacks, File Manipulation, Memory Leaks, Deadlocks, Race Conditions, etc. Also analyzes Windows executables.Nov 2023
Fortify Static Code AnalyzerASP.NET, C, C++, C# and other .NET languages, Swift, COBOL, Java, JavaScript/AJAX, JSP, PHP, PL/SQL, Python, T-SQL, XML, and othersMicro Focus security vulnerabilities, tainted data flow, etc.Mar 2019
Frama-CCFree Runtime errors (exhaustive checking of buffer overflows, null/dangling pointer usage, division by zero, uninitialized memory access, use-after-free, and others); checks information flow via taint analysis; enables specification and proof of functional security properties. Checkers operate both via static analysis and runtime monitoring.Feb 2022
GitGuardian for Internal Repositories MonitoringLanguage agnostic, binary files excludedFree and GitGuardian Hardcoded credentials. Automates secrets detection and remediation throughout the software development lifecycle.Nov 2021
GitLab SAST.NET, C/C++, Go, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, ScalaGitLab Dangerous attributes in classes, unsafe code that can lead to code execution, injection attacks, etc.Nov 2020
GosecGofree Checks for security problems including hard-coded credentials, path traversal, insecure random number, etc.Mar 2019
Helix QACC and C++Perforce Focused on the tightly regulated and safety-critical industries, such as automotive, aerospace and defense, rail, and medical devices. Organizations that need to meet rigorous compliance requirements and verify compliance with coding standards — such as MISRA and AUTOSAR — and functional safety standards, such as ISO 26262 have implemented the tool. Certified for functional safety compliance by TÜV-SÜD, including IEC 61508, ISO 26262, EN 50128, IEC 60880, and IEC 62304. In addition, it is certified in ISO 9001 and TickIT plus Foundation Level. Supports most compilers and integrates with IDEs, version control systems, and continuous integration build servers. Developers can prioritize coding issues based on severity, use filters, suppressions, and create custom rules.Jan 2022
HP Code Advisor (cadvise)C, C++HP many lint-like checks plus memory leak, potential null pointer dereference, tainted data for file paths, and many othersDec 2013
JlintJavafree bugs, inconsistencies, and synchronization problemsAug 2012
KlocworkC, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, PythonPerforce Identifies software security, quality, and reliability issues helping to enforce compliance with standards. Checks for security vulnerability types: SQL Injection, Tainted Data, Buffer Overflow, Vulnerable Coding Practices, and many more. Checks for bugs, quality issues, code smells: Null Pointer Dereferences/Exceptions, Memory/Resource Leaks, Uncaught Exceptions, and many more. Built for enterprise DevOps and DevSecOps, integrates with large complex environments, a wide range of developer tools, and provides control, collaboration, and reporting. Differential Analysis engine provides instant analysis results and integrates seamlessly with CI/CD pipelines to automate Continuous Compliance.Jan 2022
KiuwanAbap, ActionScript, ASP.NET, C/C++, C#, Cobol, HTML, Java, Javascript, JSP, Objective-C, PHP, PowerScript, Python, RPG, VB6, VB.netKiuwan OWASP member, CWE certified, full compliance with SANS 25, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, WASC, MISRA-C, BIZEC, ISO 25000, ISO 9126, CERT-C, CERT-J. Over 4500 rules including: SQL injection, encryption and randomness, file handling, information leaks, number handling, control flow management, initialization and shutdown, design error, system element isolation, error handling and fault isolation, pointer and reference handling, misconfiguration, permissions, privileges and access controls, buffer handlingSep 2017
Lucent Sky AVM.NET (C# and VB.NET), ASP, Android (C#, Java, and Kotlin), C and C++, ECMAScript, Go, iOS (C#, Objective-C, and Swift), JDK (Groovy, Java, and Scala), PHP, Python, Ruby, Visual BasicLucent Sky Automatically finds and fixes application vulnerabilities, including cross-site scripting, SQL injection, path manipulation, etc., in source code.Mar 2023
ObjectCenterC/C++ICS "run-time and static error detection ... more than 250 types of errors, including more than 80 run-time errors ... inter-module inconsistencies"Apr 2011
Offensive360C#, Java, PHP, Javascript, TypeScript, React, Angular, Docker, XML, HTML, YAML, DLLOffensive360 Detect security vulnerabilities, perform malware analysis, license analysis, etc. Does not require building the source code.July 2021
OversecuredJava, Kotlin, SwiftOversecured Inc Enterprise vulnerability scanner for Android and iOS apps. Integrates into the development process to help app owners and developers secure each new version of the mobile app.Dec 2021
ParfaitC/C++ ?Oracle proprietary  Apr 2013
PHP-SatPHPfree static analysis tool, XSS, etc. descriptionSep 2006
PixyPHPfree static analysis tool, only detect XSS and SQL Injection. No home page?Jun 2014
PLSQLScanner 2008PLSQLRed-Database-Security SQL Injection, hardcoded passwords, Cross-site scripting (XSS), etc.Jun 2008
PMDJavafree questionable constructs, dead code, duplicate codeJune 2018
Polyspace Bug FinderC, C++MathWorks Identifies security vulnerabilities, runtime errors, concurrency issues, and other C and C++ source code defects. Analyzes software control flow, data flow, and interprocedural behavior using static analysis, including semantic analysis. Checks compliance with coding rule standards such as CERT C, CERT C++, CWE, MISRA C, MISRA C++, AUTOSAR C++14, and custom naming conventions. To measure code maintainability, it computes code quality metrics, including cyclomatic complexity.Mar 2023
Polyspace Code ProverAda, C, C++MathWorks Uses static analysis and abstract interpretation based on formal methods to exhaustively verify each code statement against runtime correctness to prove the absence of critical security vulnerabilities such as buffer overflows, numerical overflows, divide-by-zero, and other runtime errors in C, C++, and Ada source code. Performs value range analysis to provide runtime information at each statement. It generates the exhaustive runtime function call tree and global memory access table to facilitate control and data flow analysis.Mar 2023
PREfix and PREfastC, C++Microsoft proprietary  Feb 2006
ProgpilotPHPfree (MIT License) Security vulnerabilities, including XSS, SQL injection, code injection, etc. Sources, sinks, sanitizers, and validators are user-configurable.Oct 2018
PT Application Inspector.Net, C#, PHP, Java, JS, C, Mobile languagesPositive Technologies Security vulnerabilities, focusing on web application vulnerabilities, including SQL injection, remote code execution, resource injection, command injection, XML external entity, XSS, and more.Dec 2018
PVS-StudioC, C++, C#, JavaProgram Verification Systems PVS-Studio is a tool for detecting bugs and security weaknesses in the source code of programs, written in C, C++, C# and Java. It works under 64-bit systems in Windows, Linux and macOS environments, and can analyze source code intended for 32-bit, 64-bit and embedded ARM platforms.July 2019
pylintPythonfree Checks for errors and looks for bad code smells.Feb 2014
QualitycheckerVB6, Java, C#Qualitychecker static analysis toolSep 2007
RATS (Rough Auditing Tool for Security)C, C++, Perl, PHP, Pythonfree potential security risksSep 2013
ReshiftJavafree Command Injection, XPath Injection, SQL Injection, Cryptography weaknesses, etc. Software as a Service (SaaS) with ability to integrate into GitHub and other code repositories.Nov 2018
Resource Standard Metrics (RSM)C, C++, C#, and JavaM Squared Technologies Scan for 50 readability or portability problems or questionable constructs, e.g. different number of "new" and "delete" key words or an assignment operator (=) in a conditional (if).Apr 2011
RIPSJava, PHPfree and RIPS Tech Language-specific analysis to detect complex security vulnerabilities, code quality issues and misconfigurations listed in PCI DSS, OWASP Top 10, ASVS, SANS 25, CWE. Integrate into CI/CD, IDE, build, bug tracker and other tools.May 2019
Roslyn Security GuardC#free SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), CSRF, cryptography weaknesses, hardcoded passwords, etc. It will find vulnerabilities and in some cases suggest automated fixes.Nov 2016
SemgrepGo, Java, JavaScript, JSON, Pythonfree and r2c Lightweight static analysis tool for enforcing code standards, finding runtime errors, logic bugs, security vulnerabilities, etc. Developers can use a large registry of rules or write custom rules.Nov 2020
SmatchCfree simple scripts look for problems in simplified representation of code. primarily for Linux kernel codeApr 2006
Snyk CodeJava, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Frameworksfree and Snyk Limited Real time semantic code analysis based on machine learning. Hard coded secrets, coding issues such as dead code, type inference, division-by-zero, null dereference, data flow issues, API misuse, race conditions, type mismatches, etc. Integration into IDE, Git, CI/CD.July 2021
SonarQubeJava, C#, PHP, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Kotlin, Ruby, Go, Scala, HTML, CSS, XML, VB.NET, Flex. Paid versions support additional languages: C, C++, Swift, Objective-C, T-SQL, PL/SQL, Apex, COBOL, ABAP, RPG, PL/Ifree and SonarSource Finds vulnerabilities, bugs and code smells. Continuous inspection. Clean as you code. Tracks code complexity, unit test coverage and duplication.Nov 2019
SPARK tool setSPARK (Ada subset)AdaCode ambiguous constructs, data- and information-flow errors, any property expressible in first-order logic (Examiner, Simplifier, and SPADE)Nov 2017
Sparrow SASTSaaSC/C++, Java, JSP, JavaScript, C#, ASP(.NET), Objective-C, PHP, VB.NET, VBScript, HTML, SQL, XMLSparrow OWASP Top 10, SANS 25, CWE, CERT vulnerabilities, MISRA, efficient and effective issue management based on machine learning technology Software as a ServiceOct 2020
SplintCfree security vulnerabilities and coding mistakes. with annotations, it performs stronger checks2005
SpotBugsJavafree A successor to FindBugs. Checks for more than 400 bug patterns, including XSS, HTTP response splitting, path traversal, hardcoded password, Null dereference, etc.Mar 2019
Static ReviewerC#, Vb.NET, VB6, ASP, ASPX, Java, JSP, JavaScript, TypeScript, eScript, Svelte, APEX, Java Server Faces, Ruby, Python, R, GO, Kotlin, Clojure, Groovy, Flex, ActionScript, PowerShell, Rust, LUA, Auto-IT, HTML5, XML, XPath, C, C++, PHP, SCALA, Objective-C, Objective-C++, SWIFT, IBM Streams Processing Language, Shell, BPMN, BPEL, UiPath, SAIL, COBOL, JCL, RPG, PL/I, ABAP, SAP-HANA, PL/SQL, T/SQL, U-SQL, Teradata SQL, SAS-SQL, ANSI SQL, IBM DB2, IBM Informix, SAP Sybase, HP Vertica, MySQL, FireBird, PostGreSQL, SQLite, MongoDB, HQLSecurity Reviewer Provides security checks in compliance with OWASP, CWE, CVE, CVSS, MISRA, CERT. Available as a module for Software Composition Analysis (SCA) to find vulnerabilities in open source and third party librariesMay 2020
C, C++, Java, Ada, AssemblerLDRA The TBsecure module for LDRA Testbed comes with the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute (SEI) CERT C secure coding standard. TBsecure identifies concerns such as buffer overflow, out-of-bounds array access, dangling pointers, double-free, and dereferencing null pointer. Other modules handle High Integrity C++, HIS, IPA/SEC C, JSF++ AV, MISRA C/C++, and Netrino C.2017
TrustInSoft AnalyzerC and C++TrustInSoft Exhaustive detection of coding errors and their associated security vulnerabilities. This encompasses a sound undefined behavior detection (out-of-bounds array accesses, null-pointer dereferences, dangling pointers usage, divide-by-zeros, buffer overflows, uninitialized memory accesses, use-after-free, strict aliasing violations, signed overflows,  invalid pointer arithmetic, invalid accesses to memory mapped regions, access to invalid references and iterators, invalid static_casts, etc.), data flow and control flow verification as well as full functional verification of formal specifications. All versions of C up to 18 and C++ up to 20 are supported. A MISRA C checker is bundled with TrustInSoft Analyzer.Jan 2023
UNOCfree uninitialized variables, null-pointers, and out-of-bounds array indexing and "allows for the specification and checking of a broad range of user-defined properties". aims for a very low false alarm rate. Oct 2007
VetGofree Checks for suspicious constructs, such Printf format string inconsistencies, unreachable code, etc.Mar 2019
WAPPHPfree Finds or checks for: SQL Injection (SQLI) / Cross-site scripting (XSS) / Remote File Inclusion (RFI) / Local File Inclusion (LFI) / Directory Traversal or Path Traversal (DT/PT) / Source Code Disclosure (SCD) / OS Command Injection (OSCI) / PHP Code InjectionJan 2016
XanitizerJava, Scala, JavaScript, TypeScript, JSP, JSF, AngularRIGS IT GmbH More than 100 vulnerability types, including SQL injection, XPATH injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), XML external entities (XXE), use of vulnerable libraries, privacy leaks, hard-coded credentials, unsecured cookies, weak cryptography, resource leaks, path traversal, URL redirectionJuly 2020
xg++Cunk kernel and device driver vulnerabilities in Linux and OpenBSD through range checking, etc.Feb 2005
YascaJava, C/C++, JavaScript, ASP, ColdFusion, PHP, COBOL, .NET, a "glorified grep" and aggregator of other tools, including: FindBugs, PMD, JLint, JavaScript Lint, PHPLint, CppCheck, ClamAV, RATS, and Pixy. "It is designed to be very flexible and easy to extend. ... writing a new rule is as easy as coming up with a regular expression"Mar 2020

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