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Static Analysis Tool Exposition (SATE)

SATE is a recurring non-competitive study of static analysis tool effectiveness, aiming at improving tools and increasing public awareness and adoption. Briefly, participating tool makers run their static analyzer on a set of programs, then researchers led by NIST analyze the tool outputs. Everyone shares results and experiences at a workshop. The analysis report is made publicly available later. 

SATE's purpose is NOT to evaluate nor choose the "best" tools. Tools have different strengths. Rather, it is aimed at proposing a methodology to assess tool effectiveness. Others can use this methodology to determine which tools fit their requirements. SATE’s goals are: 

  • To enable empirical research based on large test sets,
  • To encourage improvement of tools,
  • To boost public awareness of tools by objectively demonstrating their use on real software.

To date, the NIST SAMATE project has organized six Static Analysis Tool Expositions:

Created April 15, 2021, Updated May 17, 2021