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CDCS Features

Data Entry

  • Use XML Schema to describe what are the data and how they are organized
  • Dynamically generates a GUI for entering data
  • Default rendering but, modular forms with integration of widgets
    ⇨    Provide a schema, get the GUI
    ⇨    Change the schema or use another schema, don’t need to implement a new GUI

Data Exploration

  • Retrieve documents
  • Query builder use XML Schema to dynamically build criteria
  • Federated search (get data from the community and share data)
    ⇨    Retrieve data, download, share, export in other formats

Schema Composer

  • Customize existing templates
  • Build your own template using types shared by the community
  • Community working on a shared vocabulary
    ⇨    Compose a template and start curating data 


  • Curate, explore programmatically
  • Do admin tasks programmatically
  • Automate tasks, insert the Curator in a workflow


  • Add users to the system
  • Add templates/types
  • Customize templates by adding widgets
  • Connect to remote instances of the Curator
    ⇨    Manage resources and users
Created September 17, 2018