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Health Sector

Guidance for businesses operating in the health sector.

Cybersecurity for the Clinician - This video series explains in easy, non-technical language what clinicians and students in the medical profession need to understand about how cyber attacks can affect clinical operations and patient safety, and how to do your part to help keep healthcare data, systems and patients safe from cyber threats.
Health Sector Coordinating Council’s Cybersecurity Working Group

HHS 405(d) Program - The 405(d) Program is focused on providing the healthcare & public health (HPH) sector with impactful resources, products, and tools to raise awareness and strengthen the sector’s cybersecurity posture against cyber threats.
Health and Human Services 

Telehealth Security and Privacy Tips for Providers - Tips for improving the security and privacy of telehealth services for healthcare delivery organizations.
NIST National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence

Created November 3, 2023