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Securing Network Connections

Guidance to help you secure your business’ network connections, including wireless and remote access

Securing Network Infrastructure Devicesdescription of threats to network infrastructure devices and tips for protecting those devices
Department of Homeland Security

Understanding Firewalls for Home and Small Office Use – overview of firewall usage and configuration
Department of Homeland Security

Secure Remote Access – tips for securely allowing employees and vendors to remotely access your business network
Federal Trade Commission

Securing Wireless Networks – summary of risks to your wireless network and how to protect against those risks
Department of Homeland Security

Understanding Bluetooth Technology – overview of Bluetooth wireless technology, security concerns, and tips to protect your Bluetooth-enabled devices
Department of Homeland Security

Telework and Small Office Network Security Guide - This guide provides recommendations for basic network setup and securing of home routers and modems against cyber threats. Securing these network devices is critical as they act as an on-ramp for internal networks to access the internet.
Center for Internet Security

Created August 24, 2020, Updated September 19, 2023