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Guidance by Topic

Check out the Phishing and Ransomware pages!

The Guidance by Topic section includes topic-specific guidance on actions to take to address cybersecurity risks and secure your business. Visit the All-Purpose Guides section for guidance that covers multiple cybersecurity topics such as good security habits, small business cybersecurity quick wins, or a cybersecurity toolkit for small business.

The Choosing a Vendor/Service Provider section includes information on vendor security and hiring a webhost. The Government Contractor Requirement section provides guidance to help your business comply with Federal government security requirements such as DFARS Cybersecurity Requirements or to see a webinar on the 800-171 Handbook . Visit the Developing Secure Products section to find tips to help you develop secure software and hardware products. To access information to raise your employee’s awareness about the importance of security, visit the Employee Awareness section. You will find a cybersecurity awareness toolkit and common cybersecurity misconceptions.

Protecting Against Scams provides tips on dealing with tech support scams, tax scams or business email scams. The Security Data and Devices section includes guidance to help you protect the security of your business information and devices like cell phones and laptops. Topics include information like authentication, denial of service, malware, the IoT, and physical security. Our Securing Network Connection section includes guidance to help you secure your business’ network connections, including wireless and remote access. Given the potential current working status of your employees, we have a section on Telework that includes cybersecurity resources and basics.

Content outlined on the Small Business Cybersecurity Corner webpages contains documents and resources from our contributors. These resources were identified by our contributors as information they deemed most relevant and timely—and were chosen based on the current needs of the small business community.  Certain commercial entities may be identified in this Web site or linked Web sites. Such identification is not intended to imply recommendation or endorsement by NIST, nor is it intended to imply that the entities, materials, or equipment are necessarily the best available for the purpose.

Created February 7, 2019, Updated September 16, 2022