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Project Summaries

    • node6 Modeling Roundtrip Delay
    • node7 Active Network Processing Requirements Modeling
    • node8 The Effect of Query Choice on Information Retrieval
    • node9 Statistical Test Suite for the Validation of Cryptographic Random Number Generators

  • node10 Promulgation of Measurement Standards
    • node11 Certification of Steel Blocks for Roughness Profiles
    • node12 Characterizing Dielectric Materials
    • node13 Statistical Modeling for Polymer Temperature and Pressure Measurement
    • node14 Characterization of High Speed Oscilloscopes
    • node15 Standards and Testing for Police Body Armor
    • node16 A Statistical Measure of Image Sharpness for Scanning Electron Microscopes

  • node17 Experiment Planning and Interpretation
    • node18 Magnetic Trapping of Ultra Cold Neutrons and Determination of the Mean Lifetime of the Neutron
    • node19 Statistical Models for FT/UV Spectral Estimation
    • node20 Objective Measures of Video Quality Comparison
    • node21 Encasement of the Charters of Freedom
    • node22 Performance of Chemical Test Kits for Lead in Paint
    • node23 Fiber Gratings Metrology

  • node24 Statistical Inference
    • node25 Should (X1-X2) Have Larger Uncertainty Than X1?
    • node26 Uncertainty Due to Unaccounted Effects in Certification of Chemical Reference Materials
    • node27 HELP for Missing Data
    • node28 Statistical Control Charts for Monitoring the Mean of A Stationary Process
Created September 21, 2010, Updated August 25, 2016