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NIST Statistical Engineering Division Gold, Silver, Astin+ Awards (Non-Bronze)


Name Date Award Short Citation
Eisenhart, Churchill 1957 Gold Expert Division Creator, Leader, DEX/Stat Methods, Author
Mandel, John 1957 Silver Stat Methods for NIST Testing & Research
Deming, Lola 1960 Silver Dissemination Stat Div. Methodology to Science, Technology, & Industry
Youden, Jack 1962 Gold Expert & Creative Experiment Designs, Stat Methods, Lecturer,Author, AD-X2
Cameron, Joe 1963 Gold Expert Calibration Designs, Stat Methods, MAP, Omnitab, AD-X2
Hilsenrath, Joe 1963 Silver Omnitab Statistics Software
Rosenblatt, Joan 1969 Silver Stat Div. Leadership, Application of Advanced Stat Methods 
Mandel, John 1973 Gold   Expert Experiment Designs, Stat Methods, Book
Ku,Harry 1974 Silver   Expert Uncertainty, Quality Control, MAP, Book
Rosenblatt, Joan R. 1976 Gold   Technical Leadership within/outside NIST, Stat Methods, Draft Lottery 
Hogben, David & Peavy, Sally 1977 Silver   Omnitab Statistics Software (Basis for Minitab)
Ku, Harry 1981 Gold   Foundations of Uncertainty, Calibration, & NIST MAP 
Tryon, Peter V. 1981 Silver   SED/Boulder Leadership & Expertise (e.g., Atomic Clocks)
Filliben, James J. 1984 Gold   Dataplot Language/System for Graphics, Modeling, Analysis, & Math
Lechner, James A. 1985 Silver   Optimal Calibration Strategies for LTI Systems
Croarkin, Mary C. 1987 Silver   NIST Calibration Services: Oriface Meters and O2 in Silicon
Croarkin, Mary C. 1989 Astin Leadership in NIST MAP (Measurement Assurance Program)
Eberhardt, Keith 1992 Silver   Standard Reference Materials Methodology, Throughput,& Quality
Croarkin, Carroll & Guthrie, Will 1994 Astin International Thermometry: Improved Functions for ITS-90 
Liggett, Walter 1996 Rosa More Accurate Determination  of Rockwell-C Hardness
Zhang, Nien-Fang 1999 Silver   Semiconductor Wafer Characterization
Liggett, Walter 2002 French International Unification of Disparate Rockwell-C Scales
Croarkin, Filliben, Guthrie, Heckert, Zhang 2003 Silver NIST/SEMATECH e-Handbook of Statistical Methods
Guthrie, Will & Zhang, Nien Fan 2004 Silver   Calibration Methodology for Satellite Ocean-Color Sensors
Filliben, James J. 2005 Gold   World Trade Center Disaster Analysis
Wang, Jack 2009 Astin Time & Frequency Waveform Calibration
Filliben, James J. & Leber, Dennis 2010 Gold   NIJ Safety & Durability of Police Body Armor
Possolo, Antonio M. 2010 Gold   Estimates of Areas for Illicit Coco Cultivation
Possolo, Toman 2011 Silver   Deepwater Hirizon
Splett, Jolene & Wang, Jack 2014 Silver Steel Standard Reference Materials
Coakley, Kevin 2016 Gold Loophole-free test of Bell’s theorem using entangled photon pairs
Toman, Blaza 2016 Silver FDS: Fire Dynamics Simulator
Lund, Steve 2016 French SRM 2373: Measure DNA-based HER2 Protein for Cancer Diagnostics
Lund, Steve 2016 Coll. Choice Contributions to Bio & Physical Science Programs
Samarov, Dan 2017 French RM 8398: Human DNA for Whole-Genome Variant Assessment
Pintar, Adam 2018 Gold U.S. Extreme Wind Speeds
Filliben, Jim & Lund, Steve 2020 Gold SRMS for Biothreat Agents
Iyer, Hari & Samarov, Dan 2020 Gold Human Genome RMs (2.5 billion DNA bases)
Toman, Blaza 2020 French SRM for Concrete Rheometers (Viscosity)
Frey, Mike & Splett, Jolene 2020 Astin Spectrum Sharing: NASCTN
Iyer, Hari 2021 Gold RGTM 10169: Covid Research Grade Test Material
Iyer, Hari 2021 French SRM 2391d: PCR-Based Profiling
Created June 7, 2022, Updated June 24, 2022