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Visualization of Network Dynamics


In order to gain insight into data collected from networks and network simulations, we have developed an information visualization tool called DiVisa.

DiVisa is a multi-dimensional visualization tool developed for researchers to understand the behavior of their data. From raw data, the user can interact with the visualization in order to obtain different "points of views" and thus to extract more information from the data. Geometrical forms such as squares, ellipses or lines are associated with data and visual attributes such as position, size, shape, color, stroke are used to represent different dimensions. Indeed, the researcher can easily modify the associations between data items and visual attributes, apply mathematical functions on and between items, subset and zoom in on areas, data ranges, or times of interest, superpose curves with transparency to compare them, and animate the visualization to show time series data. Moreover, the program can read any kind of data (simulation, statistics, text or numeric, etc.), and converters have been implemented to read several data formats without need for reformatting.


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Created December 9, 2010, Updated May 12, 2021