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IUSR - Major Project Milestones


September 18, 1997
Steering Committee formed with NIST sponsorship in cooperation with the ACM Special Interest Group on Computer Human Interaction (SIGCHI)

March 5-6, 1998
First Industry Usability Workshop held at NIST.  Three working groups (WG) were formed: General Management Testing and Validation WG, Methodology, Results and Product Definition WG, and Pilot Plan WG

July, 1998
SIGCHI Bulletin Article "Standards: Standards for Usability Testing" appears. 

Sept 9-10, 1998
Second Industry Usability Workshop held at NIST. Consensus was to create a draft of a Common Industry Format (CIF) for  usability reporting and accompanying explanatory documents.

February 8, 1999
Release of Draft 1 of Common Industry Format (CIF) for usability reporting

May 10, 1999
IUSR information made available on public web site

June 4, 1999
Release of Draft 2 of CIF

June 30 - July 2, 1999
Presentations and discussions of CIF at Computer Human Interaction '99 and Usability Professionals' Association '99 conferences

July 30, 1999
Release of White Paper and Draft 3 of CIF

mid-August, 1999
Federal Register Notice of 3rd IUSR meeting appears

August 31, 1999  Setup of of database repository for collection of business metrics data at NIST

Sept. 10, 1999
Release of Business Metrics for pilot testing of CIF

Sept. 14-15, 1999
Third Industry Usability Reporting Project Workshop, in Redwood Shores, California to kickoff CIF testing

Sept. 1999 - Sept. 2001
Beginning of initial pilot studies, data collection and analysis

Oct 31, 1999
Finalization of CIF 1.1b draft

November 15, 2000
Fourth Industry Usability Reporting Project Workshop, in Gaithersburg, MD (Holiday Inn) Focus 1 -- sending the CIF to a standardization body Focus 2 -- extending the CIF for requirements, formative testing, hardware 
Guest: Candace Soderston from Ease of Use Roundtable

May 27, 2001
CIF version 2.0 submitted to NCITS

July 1, 2001
NCITS board vote completed; result is positive so the process may continue.

July 27 -- Sept 10, 2001
Public review of CIF.

November 16, 2001
NCITS approves the CIF Press release.

December 12, 2001
ANSI approves ANSI/NCITS-354 Common Industry Format.

October 7-8, 2002
Fifth Industry Usability Reporting Project Workshop held at NIST Kickoff event for the two new working groups: Software requirements and Hardware usability

October 18-19, 2004
Sixth Industry Usability Reporting Project Workshop in Boston, MA at Fidelity Investments.
Focus -- Reporting on Formative Testing.

June, 2005
Industry Usability Reporting Project Workshop at UPA, in Montreal
Focus -- Reporting on Formative Testing.

May, 2005
ISO approves ISO/IEC 25062:2006

March, 2006
ISO publishes ISO/IEC 25062:2006 


Created May 20, 2016, Updated November 15, 2019