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CIFter Bibliography


  1. Gray, Wayne D & Marilyn C. Salzman. 1998. Damaged Merchandise? A Review of Experiments That Compare Usability Evaluation Methods. Human-Computer Interaction 13(3):203-261
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The roots of the CIFter project lie in work done under the auspices of two other efforts --

  1. IUSR -- Industry USability Reporting Project

    The Common Industry Format (CIF) has been developed as part of the IUSR (Industry USability Reporting) Project. The goal of that project is to find ways to highlight the importance of usability in software development. Companies that make software can now use the CIF to communicate their findings on usability; the CIF can be used by companies that buy software to help make better, more informed decisions.
  2. CUE -- Comparative Usability Evaluation

    CUE is an experimental method that has been reported on twice, hence, the terms CUE-1 and CUE-2. In CUE-1 a calendaring application was evaluated by four teams; CUE-2 usability-tested a website ( The resultant reports were compared to determine how much variability exists between evaluators. 

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Created September 28, 2016, Updated May 25, 2017