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SHARP - Shape Analysis Research Project


The main focuses of SHARP are to Investigate 3D Shape Retrieval and Evaluation of these Technologies and to apply Shape Analysis to address a number of Scientific and Research problems


This website is currently in the process of being moved.  Some links to our data may not work at this time.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

We have applied 3D shape-based retrieval to various disciplines such as computer vision, CAD/CAM, computer graphics, molecular biology and 3D anthropometry. We have organized two workshops on 3D shape retrieval and two shape retrieval contests. We also have developed 3D shape benchmarks, performance evaluation software and prototype 3D retrieval systems. We have developed a robotic map quality assessment tool in collaboration with MEL) We also have developed different shape descriptors to represent 3D human bodies and heads efficiently and other work related to 3D anthropometry. Finally, we also have done some in a Structural Bioinformatics, Bio-Image analysis and retrieval.


Improved 3D Shape search technology will widen access to 3D information, will enable greater e-business in the global economy and will enable large scale molecular experiments across laboratories.


To support research in, and advance the state-of-the-art of, technologies that describe and match 3D models, producing robust systems. In addition, coordinate research efforts to develop standards for interoperability, semantic web, and data integration for 3D shape searching across heterogeneous databases.


NIST/IAD has vast experience in technology evaluation applicable to 3D Shape search technology and NIST /IAD is uniquely positioned to provide the metrology, test and measurement infrastructure required to advance the state of the art. Common data and metrics permit direct comparisons of approaches and NIST is viewed as the neutral objective arbiter of evaluation design and implementation.

Core Competency(-ies):

  • IT Measurement and Testing
  • Mathematical and Statistical Analyses for Measurement Science


Created April 16, 2019, Updated November 15, 2019