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OpenMT12 Evaluation

The NIST Open Machine Translation 2012 Evaluation (OpenMT12) was implemented according to the OpenMT12 evaluation plan. It took place in the spring of 2012, followed by a summer of 2012 workshop.


  • Evaluation on prior years' Arabic-to-English and Chinese-to-English Progress test data, with the data to be made available to participants after OpenMT12
  • Evaluation on a parallel data set based on prior years' Progress tests for Arabic, Chinese, Dari, Farsi, and Korean to English, in two source data styles
  • Evaluation on new domain data for Chinese-to-English.
  • Support for both a single system and a system combination track (provided sufficient interest by the participants)
  • Evaluation by automatic metrics and coordination of volunteer human assessments using a new tool to rank alternative translations



  • (See Table 1 of eval plan): Training data off-limits periods
  • October 28 2011: Evaluation plan available
  • October 28 2011 – February 3 2012: Registration period (early registration highly encouraged)
  • November 4 2011: Training data available from LDC
  • January 16 – February 24 2012: Dry run period (early submission highly encouraged); output due at NIST February 24 11.59am EST
  • April 2 – 6 2012: Main evaluation period; output due at NIST April 6 11.59am EDT
  • April 16 – 20 2012: System combination evaluation period; output due at NIST April 20 11.59am EDT
  • April 20 2012: Preliminary release of main evaluation results to participants
  • April 27 2012: System descriptions due
  • April 30 – June 1 2012: Human assessment period
  • June 27 – 28 2012: Workshop in the Washington DC area
  • August 31 2012: Official public release of results

Software and Resources


mt_poc [at] (mt_poc[at]nist[dot]gov)

Created October 25, 2011, Updated April 3, 2024