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De-identification is a way for organizations to remove personal information from data that they collect, use, archive, and share with other organizations. De-identification is not a single technique, but a collection of approaches, algorithms, and tools that can be applied to different kinds of data with differing levels of effectiveness. Privacy protection improves as more aggressive de-identification techniques are employed, but less utility remains in the dataset.


The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is conducting research and developing documents in the area of de-identification. This page summarizes our work and current projects.

NIST FY2016 Projects in De-Identification 

  • Government Data De-Identification Stakeholders Forum, 2016-JUN-29 at NIST
  • "De-Identifying Government Data," NIST working paper in development
  • De-Identification Software Evaluation, Pilot Study, Summer 2016

Past Efforts — Materials Available


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Created March 16, 2016, Updated August 25, 2016