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NBDIF - Version 3.0 Final

NIST Big Data interoperability Framework (NBDIF) - Version 3.0 Final

Thank you to all who took time to review and submit invaluable input to enhance our NBDIF documents! Your extra effort is very much appreciated. Special thanks to our team of co-chairs, subgroup co-chairs, and editors. Below are the final V3.0 documents:

NIST Big Data Definitions & Taxonomies Subgroup

   1. NIST SP 1500-1r2  -- Volume 1: Definitions
   2. NIST SP 1500-2r2  -- Volume 2: Taxonomies

NIST Big Data Use Case & Requirements Subgroup

   3. NIST SP 1500-3r2  -- Volume 3: Use Case & Requirements

NIST Big Data Security & Privacy Subgroup

   4. NIST SP 1500-4r2  -- Volume 4: Security and Privacy

NIST Big Data Reference Architecture Subgroup

   5. NIST SP 1500-5  -- Volume 5: Architectures White Paper Survey
   6. NIST SP 1500-6r2  -- Volume 6: Reference Architecture

NIST Big Data Technology Roadmap Subgroup

   7. NIST SP 1500-7r2  -- Volume 7: Standards Roadmap

Two New Volumes

   8. NIST SP 1500-9r1  -- Volume 8: Reference Architecture Interface
   9. NIST SP 1500-10r1  -- Volume 9: Modernization and Adoption

Created December 13, 2019, Updated December 20, 2022