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Attribute metadata

This page is ARCHIVED. Please visit for current information on NIST’s Identity and Access Management work.

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The basics

NIST Internal Report (NISTIR) 8112: Attribute Metadata defines a schema for metadata that describe a subject’s attributes; it is intended to give relying parties (RPs) greater insight into the methods attributes are determined to assist in making risk-based business decisions. As a result, RPs can examine this metadata and determine if they have the confidence they need in the attribute value before making an authorization decision. This NISTIR is being treated like an “implementers’ draft” – an approach used that focuses on real-world implementation results and lessons-learned before the document can become finalized.

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Learn more

  • Project charter | more
  • NISTIR 8103: Advanced Identity Workshop on Applying Measurement Science in the Identity Ecosystem: Summary and Next Steps |  PDF
  • Discussion draft for Advanced Identity Workshop | December 2015 | PDF

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Created August 2, 2016, Updated April 12, 2021