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FISSEA Cybersecurity Awareness and Training Innovator Award

FISSEA is not currently accepting submissions. Nominations are under review for the FISSEA Cybersecurity Awareness and Training Innovator Award.

Nomination Information:

Each year FISSEA recognizes an individual who has made significant contributions in inspiring the strategic planning, building, and management of innovative cybersecurity awareness and training programs.

Nominees may be involved in any aspect of cybersecurity awareness and training, including, but not limited to; cyber instructional curriculum developers, cybersecurity instructors, cybersecurity program managers, workforce development managers, and practitioners who further awareness and training activities or programs.

Nominees can be Federal Employees or Contractors directly supporting Federal Employees. Recognition is specifically for those in an individual capacity and is not an endorsement of any private entity.

Previous nomination letters for recent awardees are available here

Justification for Nomination statements should include:

1. How the public sector benefited from the activities of the individual, i.e. major accomplishment or innovation;

2. The impact of achievements and accomplishments within and/or beyond the nominee's organization;

3. If any of the activities of the nominee were part of a group effort, indicate amount and type of direct participation by the nominee as compared to other participants.  Describe how the nominee distinguished him/herself from other members of the group.

Nominations will be judged on the following:

1. Originality and uniqueness of the activities.

2. Extension of benefits within and/or beyond the nominee’s organization and benefit to the public sector;

3. Scope and breadth of the nominee's accomplishments;

4. If the nominee is part of a group activity, the amount and type of direct participation by the nominee as compared to staff members or other group participants.

In the event of a tie, a vote will be taken by the nomination review committee and the person having a plurality shall be declared the winner.

Do not include any items which contain classified information. The activity may have involved participation in classified activities, but the nomination must be wholly unclassified.

For questions about FISSEA, please email us at fissea [at] (fissea[at]nist[dot]gov).



Created April 19, 2021, Updated April 2, 2024