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Text Analysis Conference

There has been a growing recognition of the importance of community-wide evaluations for research in information technologies. The Text Analysis Conference is a


Extracting Mathematical Concepts from Text

Jacob Collard, Valeria de Paiva, Brendan Fong, Eswaran Subrahmanian
We investigate some different systems for extracting mathematical entities from texts in the mathematical field of category theory, as a first step for

Human Preferences as dueling Bandits

Xinyi Yan, Chengxi Luo, Charles Clarke, Nick Craswell, Ellen M. Voorhees, Pablo Castells
The dramatic improvements in core information retrieval tasks engendered by neural rankers create a need for novel evaluation methods. If every ranker returns

Too many Relevants: Whither Cranfield Test Collections?

Ellen M. Voorhees, Nick Craswell, Jimmy Lin
This paper presents the lessons regarding the construction and use of large Cranfield-style test collections learned from the TREC 2021 Deep Learning track. The