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Roadmap: FIPS 201 Personal Identity Verification (PIV)

FIPS 201 Revision 3

FIPS 201, Personal Identity Verification (PIV) for federal employees and contractors is currently going through a third revision. The goal of the revision is to 1) incorporate federal department and agencies’ new or changing business requirements, 2) adapt to changes in the environment/technology and 3) align with OMB’s M-19-17. Changes to FIPS 201 include expanding the set of PIV authenticators beyond the current set and beyond the smart card form factor. FIPS 201 addresses interagency use of these new type of PIV authenticators (i.e., Derived PIV Credentials) via federation. The revision also aims to facilitate issuance of PIV Card by enabling remote identity proofing.  These changes closely align with OMB M-19-17. Milestone activities include:



Milestone Activity

Projected FYQ Completion



Business Requirements Meeting with Federal Stakeholders

Q1 2019

Feedback from stakeholders have been incorporated in FIPS 201-3

Coordination with HSPD-12 cre team, GSA,  DoD, ISC, OPM, OMB

ongoing activity

Stakeholders with roles and responsibilities under HSPD-12 providing feedback/content

FRN announcement and publication of FIPS 201-3 public commenting DRAFT

2020 -Q3

90 day public comments period – ending 2020 Q4.


Public workshop introducing and discussing draft FIPS 201-3

FY 2020 Q3

Comments may be submitted to piv_comments [at]

Comment resolution

FY2021 Q2-

Length of comment resolution dependent on volume of comments

FRN announcement and publication of Final FIPS 201-3

FY2021 Q2


FIPS 201 associated SPs update or development of new SPs

  • e.g,  SP 800-157 R1 SP 800-79 R3 etc.

FY2022 Q2

Initial work to start 2020 Q4 – after review and analysis of FIPS 201-3 comments. Final publication After publication of Standard FIPS 201-3


Created January 27, 2020, Updated April 5, 2022