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Agenda and Presentations

Panel Discussion

International Metrology Cooperation in Support of Energy & Environment

September 7, 2017

Welcome Remarks --> 5 min


Topic Introduction by Moderator - Claire Saundry - TBC --> 5 min

Introduction and Presentation of Panelist --> 5 min

-Panelist 1: Measurement Challenges for Smart Grids in the Americas (Dr. Gregory A. Kyriazis, Inmetro, Brazil) 15 min

-Panelist 2:Paving the way for Smart Grids through Measurements and Standards (Dr. Gerald J. FitzPatrick, NIST, US) 15 min

-Panelist 3: National Metrology Institutes before Energy and Climate Challenges-The Mexican Case (Dr. Hector Lizardi, Director General, CENAM , Mexico)  15min

-Panelist 4: The 2015-2050 Panama Energy Plan, a new challenge for the National Secretariat of Energy & the National Metrology Institute”. – The Panama Case (Mr. Fernando Diaz, Electricity Manager, National Secretariat of Energy , Panama)  15 min

Questions for Panelists by moderator and audience -  40 min

Closing Remarks - 5 min

Created September 22, 2017, Updated November 15, 2019